Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bonus edition - June Boom

Alan over at Pounds Off Playoff issued a June challenge.  If I wait to post this next week, it will be too far into the challenge if you want to take it yourself.

I pledged to do the following in June:

  • Work out everyday but Sunday (my rest day).  I will do at least 30 minutes and most days 60+.  I want to be ready for my 10K on the 4th of July.
  • Log my food each day for the month of June.  I have been meaning to do this, but haven't yet.  I seem to do better when I log what I eat.
  • I will be accountable each week in this blog.  (It continues to motivate me to do better!)
How about you?  Are you in?

Hang in there and I will too!


  1. Bruce, that's great! I've wondered about the rest thing. Don't know if your motivation is religious or just physical (and I don't need to know), but I can say I exercised just a few days in a row recently and am wondering how the daily grind will go, if a rest day would be more productive. I'll probably mix in a walk day or something light every once in a while.

    Also, just noticed you only post on Mondays. Me too! But I'll post at the beginning of June to kick everything off properly. Then back to Mondays, which really means writing on the weekend and posting first thing Monday. It seems to be the right balance for me with work and an family.

  2. Thanks Alan! For my last few races (anywhere from a 5K to a half marathon), they all call for a rest day. I find after the mileage for the week, it helps to have a rest day. I think I would burn out without it.

    Great job on keeping a balance. That's the main reason I get up at 5am to exercise. Doesn't compete with anything else at that hour! :)

  3. New follower here! Found you via Alan's page. I'm on the June Boom! too! Can't wait to see your progress. :)

  4. Found your blog via Alan. Welcome to the challenge. Going to be a great June!

  5. 10 K! Wow. Will be back to see how you are doing with Alan's challenge.

  6. Alan sent me! :) Good luck with the challenge! You can do it!

  7. I'm in too! I've also figured that at least one day a week would be a walk for me, leisurely enough to not be an actual workout.

    I love your always positive attitude, Bruce.

  8. I'm not in the same challenge as you are, but I wanted to encourage you in your progress! I'm your newest follower! Keep up the good work!