Monday, June 6, 2011

June Boom Week 1 - Camie Run Report

A quick update on my June Boom progress.

Date --- Minutes exercised / calories deficit or surplus
June 1:  81/-546
June 2:  56/-1183
June 3:  32/-784
June 4:  30/-248
June5:   */-953
Totals:  199/ -3714

I'm happy with both my minutes exercised and my 3700 calorie deficit for the partial week.  If a pound of fat equals 3500 lbs, I should have lost a pound, but I stayed about the same.  But I don't let that bother me too much because I feel a bit leaner.  I definitely ate better quality and quantity because I was tracking.  Logging my food was something that I have been putting off even though I know it helps me to see where my problem spots are.  Thanks Alan for setting up this challenge and getting me back into this good habit.  In case you are curious, I have an Android phone and use Calorie Counter.  I really like it because it has a great food database, remembers frequently eaten foods, supports bar code reading of food and also tracks your exercise calories.  It syncs up with the web site which has lots of stats. And it's all free!! Just look for it in the app store if you are interested.  I have no affiliation with the developer or the website.  I just appreciate the great software.

Now for a quick report on the Camie Run.  I have not raced in a lot of organized races, but I knew going into this one that it would be a different race.  One street up and over from me live the Jacobs family.  I have known them for quite a few years and they are a great family.  Andy and I work together in Scouts and I have seen first hand how great Andy is with young people.  His wife Camie is equally influential with young men and young women.  She has had a personal impact on my daughter Emily as well.  Besides being busy with their own families, Andy is the cross country coach at Orem High School.  Both he and Camie have had such a positive influence on the cross country team.  Not too long ago, Camie received the devastating news that she has colon cancer.  As you can imagine, it sent a shock wave through the community.  There was a write up in the local paper about how the cross country team, especially Taylor Charles, rallied around Camie and her family.  The Camie Run was born as a result.  Read the details here if you are interested to find out more.

Andy and Camie

For me this wasn't so much a race, but a way to support Andy and Camie.  I wasn't the only one.  Over 400 racers pre-registered and many more signed up the day of the race.  There was also a lot of support from friends and family.  I have been to a few races and have seen a face or to I recognized, but this was much different.  There were so many people from the community that I knew that came out.  Most were local, but many came from out of town just to support Camie.  Many were there for their first run ever.  My brother Gordon was among the first time runners.  My heart was full in so many ways to see friends, family and so many young people come and race.  It was a beautiful day to top it off.  Considering that this was organized by a member of the cross-country team, it was amazing how well things went.

It was so much fun to race with my brother.  For his first 5K he did great.  He stayed with me for most of the way and was less that 30 seconds behind me at the finish.  I kept pushing because I was trying to break 30 minutes.  I know I was close, really close, but the official times have not been posted yet.  If I did, I made one of my goals for the year.  If not, I know with just a bit more training, I can do it.

The shout out today goes to Camie, Andy and the Orem High Cross Country Team!  Way to go!  hang in there and I will too!


  1. Kudos for your Camie Race! And way to go on the calorie deficit for the week. Whew. that can be hard to maintain week after week. And I'm in awe of your pace...hope you get the results/goal you were hoping for Bruce.

  2. What a great story you shared today! You are sure doing great with your exercise and calorie count.

  3. Great post for so many reasons! I sure hope you hit that 30 minute milestone.

  4. Bruce, impressive progress. That's a heartfelt passage about the run. Glad you got to run with your brother - I would enjoy something like that. Have a great week!

  5. Great inspirational post. What a tribute to the community where you live. Just found your blog through Alan's challenge. I will be back to check in on you.