Monday, June 20, 2011

June Boom Week 3 - "Exercise is better than medicine"

Nancy Clark M.D. wrote an article for that I found interesting and I also believe that is true.  The quote that stuck out was this:
Exercise is better than medicine
June Boom Report
Date -- Minutes exercised / calories deficit or surplus
June 13 - 44/-1062
June 14 - 74/-1390
June 15 - 77/-1474
June 16 - 50/-649
June 17 - 81/-931
June 18 - 120/+485
June 19 - */+527
Totals: 446/-4494

I started out the week with a bang.  Had a good calorie deficit.  On Saturday, I took my granddaughter to an amusement park and spent a lot of time on my feet and we walked all day.  Went swimming for the first time in years.  We had a great time together.  I had a surplus on calories, but wasn't too awfully bad, but I think I had some food(s) that caused my body to say, "I am going to hang on to every piece of food and water you put into me for the next two days."  Even though I should have lost a little over a pound, instead I was up 4!  Once again I am not to worried because these things take care of themselves, but I was totally surprised this morning.  I can already tell a difference between this morning when I weighed in and lunchtime.  My ring is already quite a bit loser than it was this morning.  We'll see what happens over the course of the next few days as I get back into my routine.  I am still on track for June Boom.  I have exercised as much as I committed to,  I continue to track my calories and I am staying accountable in this blog.  Hope the rest who took the challenge are doing well.

The bright spot of the week was my long run on Friday morning.  I knew I would be busy all day Saturday, so I moved it back a day.  All week long, I didn't take my iPod with me running and it helped me focus on my running.  Friday I went 7 miles and just made sure that I didn't push too hard.  I got into a good rhythm with my breathe and pace and I was able to maintain a pretty good pace (11:29) for the mileage that I put in.   I keep seeing my times inch down which is nice.

Shout outs to many of my friends who ran the Utah Ragnar this weekend  Bill's team took 9th overall and 1st in his division!  Wow!  Hang in there and I will too!


  1. Love your attitude about the gain. Weight varies, dang it. It will come off soon and more (guys seem to be easier with this than us gals). Great job on the run and the overall calorie deficit! Have another strong week! Michele

  2. Bruce, great quote. Just turned 40 and I need to remember this!!!

  3. New follower here, great quote. Wow, looks like you have really made some incredible progress. What a journey, keep it up!