Monday, January 31, 2011

The Core of Recovery

I have been through two weeks of physical therapy and chiropractor care and can feel an improvement. Still haven't been given a green light for running yet, but my last session of PT they worked me quite hard with exercises that I couldn't have done the week before. I am a lot more mobile in my back and my hip seems to be getting better as well.

One thing that I have learned from this is DON'T NEGLECT YOUR CORE. Before I started training for the half marathon, I would spend from 2 - 3 times a week doing core exercises. Most of it was with Bob Harper and Biggest Loser DVD's. You may not be big fans of Biggest Loser, but they have the right idea when it comes to making sure your core gets strong. Bob Harper always reminds you to keep your abdomen pulled in and may of the exercises strengthen your core. However you like to work your core, do it! It will help you be a better athlete and prevent many injuries to the rest of your body. It does wonders for the balance as well.

Another thing that I was made more aware of that had nothing to do with therapy was reading about mindful eating. I have heard of the concept before, but came across some new reading. I have a book on the way but just by thinking about what I am doing before putting something into my mouth has made a big difference on what I eat (and how much). Just asking yourself a simple question of, "Am I really hungry or is something else going on?" makes a big difference for me. I'll read the book that I ordered and let you know what I think. All I know is that I lost two pounds this week by doing nothing more about the why I am eating. I found myself naturally eating less and finding alternatives to deal with issues such as emotions and discomfort without using food. I also became a lot more aware of the difference between my stomach telling me I was hungry and my head telling me I was hungry. Sounds weird, but give it a try and you will see that there is a difference between the two hunger signals.

Lots of shout outs. Jimmer Ferdette!!!! Had to throw that one out there! Corey keeps getting me out there snowshoeing! He really likes it and wants to do King's Peak with me this year. Emily and Barbara put in good workouts this week. Martha made it a month with no sugar and some great weight loss. She is getting into some really healthy habits as well. Gordon is hanging in there as well. Sarah and Mike are putting in the miles and times with Bob as well as Rachel and I would assume Troy. Todd is getting some consistent miles in! Haven't heard from some of you, but I hope that you are keeping after it. Hang in there and I will too!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I finally got to the point last week where I decided I needed to go in and get my back and hip checked out. The back went out around Christmas time when I shoveled some heavy wet snow. Usually I can bounce back within a few days if I tweak the back, but it just wasn’t healing up. The hip has been bugging me since my half-marathon tumble at the beginning of the race. So last Tuesday, I made a call to my doctor and much to my surprise got in the same day.

During the checkup, Todd (the p.a. in the office), found that my pelvis was tilted and gave me a couple of prescriptions, an appointment to get an x-ray and a referral for physical therapy and a chiropractor. By the time Friday had come and gone, I had already at one session with both and it was really helpful. I felt good enough to go snowshoeing on Saturday and had a great time with my son and brother.

Today I had another visit with the physical therapist. The timing was right. I woke up a sore this morning and the session really helped. I am working on building up those areas which have gotten weakened by the injuries. Another thing that I have learned is it is really important to keep up the core exercises even if you are in training. I stopped doing my core exercises when I was putting in the extra mileage. I need to make sure that it is always part of my routine. Thanks to the therapy, I have learned even some more exercises to help strengthen the core and the other areas that are weak. I need to hold off running maybe a week or two more. We’ll see how it goes. I do have the green light to do ab training and walking and elliptical so I can keep some level of fitness going. I just need to be patient, do what I can now, and I will be back in the saddle in a couple of weeks.

Shout outs to Gordon and Corey! They both are loving snowshoeing and I am too. I am jealous of you guys from the warmer climates at times, but we aren’t without our unique fun during the cold weather. Todd is doing great on his mileage as he is starting back up. Hillary has kept up her losing weight. Chris has been keeping after it with her farm work. Toughest workout you can get by my book! Sarah, Mike, Rachel and Troy have been doing great running and having regular Bob Harper torture sessions. 10K this summer! Speaking of 10K, CLYDEEEE!!!!!!! Well done my friend. A Clysdale running a 1:08!!!! Awesome!!!! Proud of Emily too! She has been very consistent on working on most everyday! Barbara is the rock in our home! She has been very faithful in her working out for years and it shows! Martha has been sticking to her guns and is doing great! Hang in there everyone and I will too!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dealing with Injuries

I took it a lot easier this week. I still am not able to run. It has been a bit frustrating to want to but knowing it would just aggravate my back and hip if I start back to early. Thanks Chris for the suggestion of trying to keep my exercising on the level. There are plenty of opportunities for hills around and with the snow shoeing I've been doing there is a lot of vertical involved where I have gone. The roads are slowly clearing up, but there is still a lot of ice and slick spots to contend with. I wish businesses and home owners felt more responsible about keeping their walks clear. It would make things easier for those trying to navigate around.

This isn't to say I haven't been exercising. I have mostly done elliptical and walking and that has helped keep some level of fitness around. I will have some ground to make up when I get healed up though. Just have to keep things in perspective. I went out for about 4.5 miles today. A year and a half ago, that would have almost been impossible. I also listened to a story about a woman who was burned over 80% of her body while I was walking and realized I had a lot to be thankful for. I have a lot of wonderful things in my life. Many of you are those wonderful things! Thank you!

I have to give a special shout out to Mark A. who has started getting back in shape. He has been consistently walking every day one of my favorite running routes. I hope he enjoys it as much as I do! Martha is doing great in sticking to her commitment to be healthy. She has turned the corner from just losing weight to seeing the need to be healthy. That can make all the difference. Todd A., I hope you can continue to work out in spite of your injuries! Bill continues to amaze with his running skills. Rachel, Troy, Mike and Sarah are all being dedicated in their working out. Great job you guys. Hillary still looks good as well! Big Clyde! I am reliving what I did last year by reading your post about your 10K prep and committing to training for the 13.1. You can do it! All of you keep me posted in what you are doing! I am cheering for you all! Hang in there and I will too!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Good Week - Bad Week

First the good. For the most part, I ate healthy and started losing weight again! I also got off the diet drink daily indulgence as of this morning. I just kept tapering off so it wasn't so dramatic just stopping suddenly! I won't go into the pros and cons of diet drinks, but at the least it does save a little cash. I also met my exercise goals for the week! The bad? I tweaked my back a couple of weeks ago and every time it gets a little better, I tweak it again! This has stopped me from any type of running for a while until it gets better. It has also been cold and very icy out which doesn't help either. It is supposed to warm up above freezing by mid-week. Hopefully the streets will start clearing off.

So what have I done for exercising? I have walked a couple of times. Done the elliptical a couple of times and went snowshoeing again. You would think that snowshoeing might be hard on my back but so far so good. I was able to do a loop with my son where I had taken the scouts out about a week and a half ago. This time the snow was packed down and the going was much quicker, but it was still a great workout as we climbed around the hills. I highly recommend it if you climate is conducive for it.

Everyone seems to be sticking to their resolve. Remember, NO EXCUSES! Not going to let a sore back stop me from eating right and getting what exercise I can! Hope the rest of you are not starting to make excuses! Hang in there and I will too!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Over a 1,000 miles later.

Thought I'd better drop a quick update and say I am still here and (re-)committed!

I didn't make my goal of no weight gain over the holiday's. I just wasn't careful enough. I am over being depressed about it and never did stop working out. I was talking with Barbara about it and she said that gaining 4 lbs wasn't as bad as it could have been. That is true, I have gained well over 10 lbs in the same period before. I was also happy that I kept working out in spite of the bad leg and now the sore back. Reading this entry from a blog I follow was helpful as well! When we stumble along the way, no reason to get all upset and panic. Get back up, take a breath and get back after it!

2010 was overall a great year. I have blogged about many accomplishments, many of which I would have would have been impossible in 2009. I kept up with my scouts on our many hikes including our 50 miler, I ran a 10k and a half-marathon. I hiked Big Baldy and Timp twice reaching two of my three peak goals! I lost a bunch of weight and feel a lot better! I have logged over 1,000 miles of activity on since March! Here is the breakdown:

March through December
Total Miles 1040.79 mi
Walking 117.1 - Longest 20.38 mi 08/21 – 20 miler with the scouts, Best week - 50 miler with Scouts
Cycling 105.59 mi
Running 763.19 mi - Fastest: 09:40 08/27 – Personal 5K with Mike and Sarah, Longest run: 13.1 - Halloween half
Fitness 54.9 mi - Farthest: 14.60 mi 09/18 – Timp Hike

I am looking forward to a successful 2011! For sure I want to hike King's Peak. I want to run the Freedom Festival 10K under 60 minutes this year and an official 10K under 30 minutes. I haven't decided about another half-marathon and/or a marathon. We will see how the next few months go on getting off the weight. And most definitely I want to reach my 175 goal!

Hope you make and reach your health goals for the year. Martha, Sarah, Chris and Hillary are already on board with the No Excuse challenge. It is really simple. Make your goals this year and don't let any excuse get in your way! So to sum it up, mine are:
1) Make my goal weight of 175!
2) 5K under 30 minutes.
3) 10K under 60 minutes
4) King's Peak hike (go for sure, making it to the summit is weather dependent)

Shout out to Todd who is back running again. Bill started out the New Year by running a half-marathon! Martha is off to a great start on her goals for the year. Chris lost 6 between Thanksgiving and Christmas! How great is that? Hang in there and I will too!