Monday, January 31, 2011

The Core of Recovery

I have been through two weeks of physical therapy and chiropractor care and can feel an improvement. Still haven't been given a green light for running yet, but my last session of PT they worked me quite hard with exercises that I couldn't have done the week before. I am a lot more mobile in my back and my hip seems to be getting better as well.

One thing that I have learned from this is DON'T NEGLECT YOUR CORE. Before I started training for the half marathon, I would spend from 2 - 3 times a week doing core exercises. Most of it was with Bob Harper and Biggest Loser DVD's. You may not be big fans of Biggest Loser, but they have the right idea when it comes to making sure your core gets strong. Bob Harper always reminds you to keep your abdomen pulled in and may of the exercises strengthen your core. However you like to work your core, do it! It will help you be a better athlete and prevent many injuries to the rest of your body. It does wonders for the balance as well.

Another thing that I was made more aware of that had nothing to do with therapy was reading about mindful eating. I have heard of the concept before, but came across some new reading. I have a book on the way but just by thinking about what I am doing before putting something into my mouth has made a big difference on what I eat (and how much). Just asking yourself a simple question of, "Am I really hungry or is something else going on?" makes a big difference for me. I'll read the book that I ordered and let you know what I think. All I know is that I lost two pounds this week by doing nothing more about the why I am eating. I found myself naturally eating less and finding alternatives to deal with issues such as emotions and discomfort without using food. I also became a lot more aware of the difference between my stomach telling me I was hungry and my head telling me I was hungry. Sounds weird, but give it a try and you will see that there is a difference between the two hunger signals.

Lots of shout outs. Jimmer Ferdette!!!! Had to throw that one out there! Corey keeps getting me out there snowshoeing! He really likes it and wants to do King's Peak with me this year. Emily and Barbara put in good workouts this week. Martha made it a month with no sugar and some great weight loss. She is getting into some really healthy habits as well. Gordon is hanging in there as well. Sarah and Mike are putting in the miles and times with Bob as well as Rachel and I would assume Troy. Todd is getting some consistent miles in! Haven't heard from some of you, but I hope that you are keeping after it. Hang in there and I will too!


  1. I remember last winter, when it was to snowy to run outside, I focused on my core. I couldn't believe how it impacted my running. The last few times I have gone running, my lower abs have cramped in the first mile. Thanks for that reminder. I have been sick this last week, so haven't done much of anything. But we purchased some steps over the weekend, and just did a fun work out with them.
    Glad the PT is going well.

  2. Great point about working your core. It is so critical. Thanks for the reminder. After a very light two weeks with not much exercise, I am back at it this weekend. Thanks for the encouragement.