Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Over a 1,000 miles later.

Thought I'd better drop a quick update and say I am still here and (re-)committed!

I didn't make my goal of no weight gain over the holiday's. I just wasn't careful enough. I am over being depressed about it and never did stop working out. I was talking with Barbara about it and she said that gaining 4 lbs wasn't as bad as it could have been. That is true, I have gained well over 10 lbs in the same period before. I was also happy that I kept working out in spite of the bad leg and now the sore back. Reading this entry from a blog I follow was helpful as well! When we stumble along the way, no reason to get all upset and panic. Get back up, take a breath and get back after it!

2010 was overall a great year. I have blogged about many accomplishments, many of which I would have would have been impossible in 2009. I kept up with my scouts on our many hikes including our 50 miler, I ran a 10k and a half-marathon. I hiked Big Baldy and Timp twice reaching two of my three peak goals! I lost a bunch of weight and feel a lot better! I have logged over 1,000 miles of activity on since March! Here is the breakdown:

March through December
Total Miles 1040.79 mi
Walking 117.1 - Longest 20.38 mi 08/21 – 20 miler with the scouts, Best week - 50 miler with Scouts
Cycling 105.59 mi
Running 763.19 mi - Fastest: 09:40 08/27 – Personal 5K with Mike and Sarah, Longest run: 13.1 - Halloween half
Fitness 54.9 mi - Farthest: 14.60 mi 09/18 – Timp Hike

I am looking forward to a successful 2011! For sure I want to hike King's Peak. I want to run the Freedom Festival 10K under 60 minutes this year and an official 10K under 30 minutes. I haven't decided about another half-marathon and/or a marathon. We will see how the next few months go on getting off the weight. And most definitely I want to reach my 175 goal!

Hope you make and reach your health goals for the year. Martha, Sarah, Chris and Hillary are already on board with the No Excuse challenge. It is really simple. Make your goals this year and don't let any excuse get in your way! So to sum it up, mine are:
1) Make my goal weight of 175!
2) 5K under 30 minutes.
3) 10K under 60 minutes
4) King's Peak hike (go for sure, making it to the summit is weather dependent)

Shout out to Todd who is back running again. Bill started out the New Year by running a half-marathon! Martha is off to a great start on her goals for the year. Chris lost 6 between Thanksgiving and Christmas! How great is that? Hang in there and I will too!

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