Sunday, June 26, 2011

June Boom - Week 4 - What's Up Doc?

Checking in a bit early this week.  I am taking my Scouts to scout camp.  Lots to worry about but at the same time, we should have fun.  This year we are going to an organized camp so a lot of things are taken care of for us.  I plan on getting my exercise in this week.  Fortunately it is a taper week for my 10K on the 4th so I don't have a long run scheduled in my training this week.  I will probably run an extra day since the 10K is on the following Monday instead of Saturday.  After the 10K, I jump into the middle of the training for my August half-marathon.  It worked out well meshing with the 10K training because the distances are similar.

June Boom Report
Date -- Minutes exercised / calorie deficit or surplus
June 20 - 49 / -1182
June 21 - 71 / -1625
June 22 - 68 / -1364
June 23 - 47 / -1202
June 24 - 95 / -361
June 25 - 60 / -588
June 26 - *  / -325
Totals 390 / -6647

So after being up 4 last week, I said I wasn't worried because the numbers said I should be good.   As of Friday, I was down 8 lbs from the previous weigh in!  That is also what I am down this month with all the ups and downs.  I committed to track all though June, but it looks like I should keep it up and keep the weight coming down.  In July, we have a lot of family coming in with a bunch of great food being planned.  I think I will be a lot better off if I keep tracking.

I forgot to mention that in getting ready for summer camp, I had to get an annual physical.  I used to dread getting even a physical because I knew at my previous weight that I was a mess.  This time was nothing but good news.  The PA who gave me the physical is quite a bit younger than me and is dedicated to being fit.  He looked at my numbers and said that my stats were better than his.  He patted me on the back, shook my hand and told me how proud he was of me!  I didn't ever think I would hear that in a doctor's office!  Big score on that one!

Shout out to Todd who is piling up some great miles.  He is training hard for a marathon and wants to BQ.  The rate he's going, it's looking good!  Keep up the great work everyone, especially you June Boomers!  Hang in there and I will too!


  1. Congrats on your physical, Bruce. You earned it!

  2. Have a great time with the Scouts - we do overnight camp next week for the 1st time, organized and I don't have to take much more then myself and a sleeping bag. Good job on the checkup!! Thanks for all the motivation you have given me - always good to get a push or pat on the back from time to time. Hope I can continue to do the same for you!

    Staying Motivated MO

  3. That is terrific news from your PA! That is where all your hard work pays off. Have a great weekend and enjoy the scout camp!