Monday, July 4, 2011

June Boom Ends - Scouts, Quick Weight Loss and the Freedom Run

I felt June Boom was a big success.  Thanks for a great challenge Alan!  Because I tracked my food and worked out 6 of 7 days, I lost weight.  I'll give 8 of the 12 pounds I lost to the June Boom.  The other 4 to Scout camp.

How did I lose 4 pounds at weight at Scout camp you ask?  Easy just get a good case of the runs on Friday and Saturday and don't eat much of anything.  Quick weight loss!  But not recommended!  Other than that and a fun spider bite things went well.  I would wake up most mornings and run from the Scout camp gate, up the Nebo loop.  It turned out to be a 900' climb over 1 1/2 miles.  It wasn't fast, but it was a great workout and it was a lot better coming back down.  We were also camped at the top of the camp.  One of the dirt roads back to camp has a nickname of Cardiac Hill.  The other was is just about as bad.  When you make that trip several times a day, you get extra workout points!  The scouts did great, worked hard and we all had a good time.  They qualified for about 25 merit badges between the 5 of them and we were able to get one of the newer scouts caught up to the others on advancement which was great!

This morning, I ran in the Freedom Festival 10K.  Between the 5K and the 10K there were about 4,800 runners.  I paced myself well, but I didn't have the best endurance after the two days of sickness.  But I still ran without stopping and finished at 1:08:36.61.  I was hoping to run under an hour, but it is a challenging course with some good climbs.  It was fun to have my brother along to run the 5K.  One unexpected benefit was running for a short time with Chad Lewis, who had a great run as a BYU tight end and then went on to play for the Eagles.  He has lost some weight and slimmed down himself.

Shout outs to some family that have lost weight.  Hillary and Rachel came into town and look great!  I am proud of what they have done!  We will see the results of Sarah and Mike who have worked hard as well when they come out next week.  We will have the whole family in town when they come in.  Fun times.  Hope the rest of you are doing well.  Need to catch up on some blogs!  Hang in there and I will too!


  1. One of these years I'm going to actually do the Freedom Run rather than envy those that did it! I was uber jealous of the cool shirts everyone got. Some day, some day.

    Nice work on the 12 lbs. I'm going to see if I can July Boom (doesn't have QUITE the same ring to it...I'll work on a better name!)

    Keep it up, Bruce!

  2. Bruce - GREAT job on the June Boom and the drop in another 12 pounds (hope you r feeling better from the camp experience). Keep up the great work in July !!!

    Staying MOtivated MO

  3. A link and a mention of my hometown Philadelphia Eagles. Great to see! You're probably the weight loss winner on the June Boom, and despite your graciousness, you probably earned that 12 pounds in many ways in addition to the boost from the 6/7 exercise.

  4. I felt June Boom was a big success. Thanks for a great challenge Alan! Because I tracked my food and worked out 6 of 7 days, I lost weight. I'll give 8 of the 12 pounds I lost to the June Boom. The other 4 to Scout camp.
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