Monday, May 30, 2011

Record Setting Spring!

No it's not me I'm referring to, it's been Utah this year. As of Sunday, we have received more moisture that has ever been recorded. The records have been kept for about 150 years here so that says a lot.  The rain today will probably break the May all time record for precipitation as well.

This is how things looked this morning just before 10am.

You can see the snow up on the foothills.  Cascade is covered with snow.  Sooner rather than later that snow is going to melt too fast.

I check the forecast at places around the country where I have family and this is what I saw for the high today in each state:
MN - 86
AZ - 88
MI - 89
TN - 93
OH - 93
UT - 56!
Our high was colder than everyone else's low!  Facebook comments from friends and family that live in Utah.
"Looking at the ice slush on my deck and snow on the "G" of the mountain. Really?! You can stop anytime now."
"It is pouring! Yay! I love rain! Yee Haaa! S#@%!"
"Is all this snow ever going to melt I want to run up Timp..."
"Is this March 30 or May 30? I'm a bit confused."
"My car is covered in snow... 
Dear weather,Stop ruining my life. Or else."

You get the idea!  We'll get over it.  I hope!

I'm giving the family a big shout out this week!  We Skyped with a lot of them yesterday and many have lost weight!  Way to go!  I also got a chance to go on a bike ride with my several of my cousins on Saturday.  First time on the bike this year.  Thanks for a fun time!  Hang in there and I will too!

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  1. What a wet spring everywhere. For sure in Seattle. Bring on summer!!!