Monday, May 2, 2011

Dragging the Line

I think we all reach a point that we hit a wall in our attempts to get more fit, get faster or go further. Regardless of what may be the cause, be ti an injury, sickness or fatigue, there are times when it might be all we can muster to get up the gumption to get the workout in for the day.

For me it gets frustrating when I can't point at any one thing in particular. Maybe it is fatigue or going in to my fourth month of serious allergies with a cold thrown in the middle for good measure. I am doing good to get the distance in and have had to walk frequently where I used to cover the distance running. These are the times to suck it up, try and figure it out and not give up.

On a positive note (and part of not giving up), I registered this morning for the Hobble Creek Half Marathon which is a popular local race. I am excited to get training for it in the near future. I will also register for the Freedom Festival 10K when that opens up in a couple of weeks. Last years 10K was my first race in a very long time. It's hard to see it happening now, but I am still going to try and race it under an hour so I hit one of my goals for the year. Two things that will be important for me to make that goal. 1) Lose some more weight, 2) Train hard! My goal for the half is just to finish under my finish time from my first half last year. I think that is possible!

The other big event for this summer is hiking King's Peak! That will probably happen the first weekend in August. The last of my Three Peak challenge.

Shout out to Todd, Matt and another unidentified runner that I saw this morning on my jaunt out. You guys looked great! Keep up the great training. Clyde! 204 miles!!!!! Way to go my friend! Bill thanks for the encouragement and the inspiration. You are a great runner! Hillary - I can't believe how good you are looking! Way to take off the weight! Same goes for Mike who is down below 200 and seeing his time drop and his distance increasing. Sarah proud of you! Getting in the exercise that you can under the circumstances! Rachel! Way to include the boys in your workout! That will be beneficial for them the rest of the lives! I'm sure I have missed someone, but you are all an inspiration. Thanks for the encouragement! Hang in there and I will too!


  1. Sound like reasonable goals! Don't get down, just keep plugging away and things will get more positive.

  2. Got your comment - very cool. I hope you like it! :-)