Monday, November 30, 2009


Weekly Stats
Current: 260.4
Weekly Loss: 2
To Go: 85.4
Total 64.6

I should put an asterisks behind my weight loss for the week because it is an estimate. I have been weighing myself after the workout in the morning, but I have been sick since last Wednesday and was only able to get in three workout sessions. It's a good sign that you are making progress mentally and physically when you regret that you missed work outs! I hope I can get back to working out tomorrow.

We spent our Thanksgiving with our oldest daughter Hillary and her family. We had a nice time in spite of being sick. Both Corey and Emily came down with something as well, but I think we are all glad we went.

I could have posted another great week I think if I would have been healthy, but 2 lbs is still great considering it was Thanksgiving week.

Another good thing is that I got comments about my weight loss from at least three different people who don't know about my weight loss efforts. That means it is becoming a little more obvious that I am losing weight.

Hope you all made it past Thanksgiving without blowing it to badly! Keep up the good work.

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