Monday, December 7, 2009

A lucky break!

Weekly Stats
Current: 259.4
Weekly Loss: .6
To Go: 84.4
Total 65.6

I am still fighting off being sick. I didn't even feel good enough to exercise until last Wednesday. Even after I started back up, my weight was all over the charts. When I was up a couple of pounds on Saturday, I didn't have much hope of a weight loss this week. However, I stuck to it and after exercising this morning and clearing the walks I was down .6 this morning. Not as much as I want to lose in a week but after struggling, I am more than happy with it. Not only that, I broke into the 250s. Yea!!!!! And I have lost 65 lbs now!!!! Yea!!!!!! And the workout actually felt pretty good today as well!!!!!

When I was clearing the walks, I attempted to do the snow blower splits. That is where you are cruising along, hit a patch of ice, your feet start going in different directions and you body contorts all over the place. I am glad I have lost weight and have been working out or I think I would have gone down hard. Instead, somehow I kept my balance and finished the job. I am just glad that my daughter didn't see me. She tends to laugh hysterically at this type of things for days! Not good for the self-esteem.

I made it through a couple of party's and eating out. I have found that if you look for the good stuff and load up on that and just have a small serving of things that are questionable. I also have had enough fortitude to skip dessert and that really helps. As far as a restaurant goes, chicken and fish are my friends. Just make sure they are grilled with no extra creamy sauces. Often you can choose steamed vegetables as a side and that helps as well.

Good look to you all. Don't make food the main focus of your holiday cheer. Figure out ways to add to the Christmas spirit in other ways. Lend a hand to someone who needs it! Keep up the good work!

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