Monday, December 14, 2009

The New Snow Workout!

Weekly Stats Current: 255.4
Weekly Loss: 4
To Go: 80.4
Total 69.6

A great but challenging week! I am within .4 lbs of getting another 1o lbs star. It has been a bit since I have reached the 10 lbs star reward due to the change in the routine by coming off the strict diet, but I have been happy with the getting back to exercise and the progress I am making there. I was looking over my stats over the past 6 weeks and after the week and a half of stabilization where I gained some weight back, I have been on track of 10 lbs a month. I hope that my body keeps responding well. I am also still struggling a bit with my being sick, but I do feel much better.

I made it past the Gudmundson Christmas Party without a set back as well. Barbara fixed a nice prime rib, creamed potatoes and other yummy stuff like spinach and artichoke dip, but I had just a bit of each and loaded up on a salad that one of my daughters brought and skipped dessert.

The snow workout that the title refers to has to do with the snow we got Saturday night and all day Sunday. We had a storm swing in from the south west which brought some extremely wet snow. I wasn't able to get to it until after church. I needed to get the walks and drive done before the family arrived so I had a great workout that I normally wouldn't get on Sunday after I shoveled and snow blowed. The blower helped, but it was so wet, it was still a lot of work.

Christmas is a week from Friday! Hope you holiday fun continues and you don't have a blow out of your own when it comes to weight gain. Janet made a comment on my Facebook status that she likes to diet this time of year. Crazy at it sounds, it is a good strategy. Really watch what you eat this time of year and it has a double pay off. You don't put on that extra pounds that can be so hard to take off after the first of the year. It is almost like a double coupon day at the store if you lose a little weight as well. Same goes for working out. If you keep it up through the holidays, you don't have that hard ramp up after the first of the year! Good luck to you all! Hang in there!

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