Monday, December 21, 2009

Star time!

Weekly Stats Current: 253.0
Weekly Loss: 2.4
To Go: 78.0
Total 72.0

Got another 10lbs star this week! And I am three lbs away from the half-way mark. A long, hard journey to get here, but it has been worth it. The second half of the journey will bring more hard work and a big payoff!

I made it through another Christmas party with lots of tempting food in good shape! None of the desserts grabbed a hold of me either! I have one more party on Christmas Eve, but it's at home with plenty of healthy options.

Special shout out to Gordon for still getting in a good ride despite the snow on the ground. Sounds like he had fun doing it as well.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas! Stick with staying healthy! Think about some goals for next year to get even healthier. I will share mine with you in the next week or so. Merry Christmas!!!!!

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