Monday, November 2, 2009

Heading down the stretch

Weekly Stats
Current: 268.4
Weekly Loss: 6.0
To Go: 93.4
Total 56.6

Another good week. I have been on this strict diet for five weeks now. I am pleased with the results. Even though it has been a challenge at times, it has paid off. This is the last week, and then I need to make sure that I replace it with a plan that will not only maintain the weight loss, but continue to lose. I have noticed with each successive week on this plan that even though I continue to lose at good numbers, the weekly results are getting smaller each week. My plan is to increase what I eat, but make sure I get good exercise as well. I hope to be able to lose about 2.5 lbs a week. If I do this, I can lose another 60 lbs my the end of April! The holidays are up ahead. That will be the biggest challenge for sure.

After I stabilize and get some exercise behind me, I will be curious how I do going up the initial stairs at Dry Canyon. I am about 40 lbs lighter than the last time I went up. I may not be able to try this though, it all depends on the weather which has been a bit finicky for the past month. I do have several options for getting in some good workouts both at home, around the home and I even have a few months left on my gym membership.

Thanks again for all the encouragement from many of you. Keep up exercising through the holidays and be careful of what you eat. This is an easy time of year to put on several unwanted pounds. Think things out before you put it in your mouth!


  1. Nice work!! I will be watching what is going in my mouth from now on. Where are we going for your birthday lunch? Hopes it's somewhere we can all eat :)

  2. We are going to Lost Hermans. There are a few options for us who are watching what we eat. Taco Loco. Tostadas aren't too bad either.

  3. Well done dad! Since the 13.1 miler, I've not been the best at getting exercise in. Yesterday, Sarah and I ran a 4 miler and it felt so good to get a little distance in.

    50+ pounds is amazing! That's about how much I have to loose to reach my goal. I'm inspired by your tenacity and drive!

  4. Thanks Mike! You guys inspired me as well by making a goal to run a half-marathon and then reaching it. I have another star to fill in tomorow and this is the last day of HCG. I will blog tomorrow about my next approach to lose weight. I am excited to start!