Monday, November 16, 2009

A week of stabilization!

Weekly Stats
Current: 267.2
Weekly Loss: -3.4 (gain!)
To Go: 92.2
Total 57.8

You would think with my worst weight gain since I started that I would be a bit upset, but actually I'm not. Here's why. This was my first week off of my strict diet. I had a choice to go into maintenance mode or get back into exercising and eating right. I chose the latter and knew that I might have a rough first week weight-wise which I did. My body seemed like a sponge of taking whatever I ate and making the most of it. The great thing is, is that I have never had a more healthy eating week than I did this last week. I was really good about what went into my body. I didn't consume any more that 1800 calories a day, which at my weight and exercise plan I should lose weight. The biggest payoff however was exercising. I probably averaged 50 minutes on every day except Sunday. And I felt great! I haven't had this much energy in a long time. I figure this has to do with several things. The last diet took a lot of weight off, so I wasn't having to deal with 60 extra lbs. I also got off the sugar roller-coaster which has made me feel much better. Another benefit that has been hard for me to explain, but I know to be true, is that my metabolism has been out of whack for several years. I feel that the diet helped turn that around as well! It has been a great blessing for me. Disappointing about the weight gain, yes, but the overall benefits of eating right, exercising at the level I am and feeling much better offsets the negative.

Other benefits to me and others. I have been good about getting to bed early. I have been able to get out of bed every morning before the alarm went off! For me that is almost unheard of. Another great benefit is Barbara says she hasn't heard me snoring at all. Not only makes her sleep better, but mine to as I get more unobstructed air!

I really feel that if I keep on eating healthy, watching my calories (including keeping a detailed food log), and exercising, things will soon turn around and I will see a the consistent and healthy weight loss that I am looking for.

Keep up the great work everyone! Let me know how you are doing on your health, diet and fitness goals and programs. Gordon had a great trip down to Moab with a bunch of biking buddies. Sounds like they had fun! Hang in there everyone!


  1. I love your perspective on the rewards beyond just the scale. That is what I believe keeps us going on the weight loss road and overall healthy lifestyle, because the scale does go up and down.
    I am feeling in the best shape of my life right now. Because it has been getting colder, I haven't been able to run everyday. But I am enjoying Fit TV programs and trying to do the elliptical. I am still doing 6 to 7 mile runs every Saturday, and, again, just feel really good right now.
    Love you and keep up the awesome work!

  2. It's important to keep a good perspective, because if you don't you can get discouraged and then you're not far away from giving up. I find the scale to be a great tool and so I don't discount it. It's one piece of the overall picture though.

    I think it's a big challenge going into the cold season because it is nicer to be outside. But there are ways to keep things interesting. The Fit TV programs sound great because it gives you a chance to mix things up. Great job on keeping up the running. Hope you get plenty of chances to do that during the winter. I'm proud of you for keeping healthy a priority! (I'm also proud of you for a ton of other things as well!) Love to all!