Monday, March 28, 2011

Today's Choices

Jillian Michaels posted a great tip on Facebook the other day:

Smart Tip: Most people sabotage themselves because they aren't mindful in the moment. Let your daily actions be governed by your goals & dreams. Whenever you are making an important decision first ask if it gets you closer to your goals or farther away. If the answer is closer, pull the trigger. If it's farther away make a different choice. Conscious choice making is a critical step in making your dreams a reality.

Each of us has sabotage spots in their day. Some struggle with getting the workout out in, some like me struggle with eating the right thing in the right amounts. This spills over into other parts of our lives as well. We have good intentions, but in the choice of a moment, if we are not mindful of what we are doing, we can automatically make a choice that is governed by an impulse or a habit rather that what our goal is. I think we can all be better in this. Make conscious choices in your eating, your exercising and life in general. Is the next action I'm going to take going to move me towards where I want to be or will I regret making the choice. It's good to keep our goals in front of us and use them to weigh our choices.

I did well on the workout this week. My long run was 7 miles on Friday. This represents a lot of progress in my endurance. Usually on Saturday's I try to do a hike, but it had been storming most of the day after my run on Friday and it was cold so it would have been sloppy trying to do a trail. Near my home, I have access to the Provo River Trail which is paved, but even it was treacherous in spots. I took my time to get through the slick spots. They were running a race and I saw a runner slip and smack her tail bone a good one. I had sympathy pains for sure. She bounced back up and ran off, but sometimes the after effects can be long lasting.

About 2 1/2 miles up. Iced over trail.

I have run this trail enough to know where it is especially icy so I was careful and got my run in without falling.

Big Clyde gets a special shout out for how he has stepped up his workouts! Impressive times and distances! I enjoy reading about his progress here. He has a down to earth sense of humor and his choice of pictures always amuse. Mark A. keeps hanging in there on his walks. Great job Mark. Gordon is back in the saddle on his mountain bike. Bet he's glad. He has even done Bob Yoga torture with Martha! Way to go you two! Emily and Corey are doing great in the workout department. Sarah, Mike, Rachel and Troy are on track for a serious competition in July for running and hiking. Should be fun! Hang in there and I will too!


  1. I have to tell you, Bruce, that you are one of the people I have used as inspirations to start losing weight. Thanks a lot for keeping this updated. Your honest approach keeps me motivated when I have a week that I don't lose. I'm really hoping I can up my exercise game once the weather gets a bit warmer.

    Keep posting, and keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Melissa! It's definitely a challenge to keep active when it's cold and icy outside. Hang in there! It's a challenge, but worth it for sure!

  3. Oh boy...I can not wait for spring!! Icy trails are so over-rated. ;)