Monday, April 4, 2011

Get Back Up!

All of us have times in our lives where we fall down. Whether it's physically, mentally or spiritually we have let downs. The important thing is what we do after we fall down. The important thing is to GET BACK UP!

We are all in a race of some sort or another. Most of you who read this blog are trying to do better. You are trying to eat better, exercise more, be better to your family. If you have fallen short, fallen down, GET BACK UP! You can do it! You aren't in a race with others but you are in a race for your life. GET BACK UP and get moving forward!

I had another great workout week. I got my training runs done and enjoyed them even though I was dragging a bit mid-week. I had a good Saturday hike. Up above the campus of BYU, the have a big block Y on the mountain. There is a well established trail to the top of the Y.

The Y

It is a mile long series of steep switch backs. I can't run up it yet, but I still get a great workout just by hiking it up without stopping. For those that haven't had a cardiac getting to the top, there is a trail which continues on to the top of Y Mountain. I still had plenty in the tank so I kept on going.

I made it up to where the snow level was that day. I say that because we got 5-8" of snow the next morning! I trotted back down and put in another mile and a half on the BST to get some mileage in. I was beat but happy I went. I am excited for more hiking adventures this coming summer!

Shout outs to so many of you! Great job Clyde on getting some serious mileage in this last month and being so consistent. Mark A is putting in some serious mileage as well with his Will's to Will's route. I follow a lot of running/tri blogs and am so impressed by how well people are doing! Reagun thanks for dropping by. Keep up the great work and let's hope for warm weather to come and stay. Hang in there and I will too!

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  1. Perseverance is about the most important trait to a healthier life. If I ever get to your neck of the woods I'd like to try hiking that trail to the Y. Went to a conference at Snowbird, that that's as close as I've gotten.