Monday, March 7, 2011

Shake It Up

I have shook up my routine a bit and it has paid dividends. First, I have modified my 5K training schedule and patterned it after Run Less, Run Faster. Even though I haven't read the book, I have read others' experiences and have also visited the website to glean enough information to get me going. My original schedule had me running 6 days a week. It involved three training runs and 3 "easy" runs. What I am doing different now is I still have three training runs, (intervals, tempo and a long run), but now instead of an easy run in between, I cross train. For cross-training, I am doing the Bob Harper - Inside Out DVD series. Most of these, as well as the Biggest Loser DVD's do circuit training. You get both aerobic and strength training. Bob really emphasizes core strength and most of these DVD have an extra strength segment as well. I have been really happy with the results so far. I can really concentrate on my run days and give it all I have. The cross training days give me a great cardio, core and strength training. I also throw in some of the exercises that I learned at physical therapy. I end all of my running and cross training with stretching and that has helped a lot too. A lot of the aches and pains I have been having lately have gone away. I am now free to work on my endurance and speed again.

No snowshoeing this weekend. Instead it was an outing with the Scouts. It was the annual Klondike Derby with our scout district. We had a great time even though we are currently at two scouts. Our numbers were few, but they gave it their all and did well. I did manage to embarrass myself the next day when we were reporting our outing at church. One of the men asked if it was cold and I stupidly said, "It was in the 20's but we slept warm when we put Hotties in our sleeping bag." Dang! I should have said "hand warmers". About all I could mumble out amid the laughter was, "I think I better sit down now!"

Shout outs to Sarah, Mike, Rachel, and Troy. Tough competition for the 10K and hike in July! Hillary is hanging in there. Emily is doing great! Todd and Bill are running machines! Clyde is on the mend and hanging in there! Mark - keep up the great time and distance you are putting in! Jeff is training for a marathon! Hope the rest of you are doing great as well! Hang in there and I will to!


  1. Switching up the training will pay dividends!

  2. Love it! Keep up the good work Dad!