Monday, March 14, 2011

Take a Hike

Even though the weather has not warmed up dramatically, the temperatures are moderating and the storms with any snow in them have dumped on us and then melted quickly. Typical for March in this area. I have a great view of the foothills from my office and can tell when some of the lower trails have cleared off. I decided to make Saturday a hike day.

Back in the day when there were mastodons and saber tooth cats, there was a huge lake that covered a lot of Utah called Lake Bonneville. At some ancient time, the lake overflowed drained most of the lake and through the years the rest evaporated and left behind the Great Salt Lake, Utah Lake and Sevier Lake. Why the ancient geology lesson? Because the Bonneville shoreline still remains. Salt Lake and Utah counties have developed a trail system that roughly follows the shoreline and is enjoyed by hikers, runners and mountain bikers alike. It is still a work in progress, but long sections of it have been completed with several trail head access points up and down the Wasatch Front. One nice thing about the trail, is it is close to home and is at a low enough elevation that it can be used most of the year.

For this being my first hike of the year, (not counting snow shoeing), I felt it went great. I did a 6 mile round trip and it felt great to hike at a good pace and I enjoyed the elevation changes. Even though it was a challenge, I still had enough energy when I was done to spend a couple of hours doing yard work. As I was mulching up some old leaves that had been buried in the snow and then laid some fertilizer down after, I remembered how a couple of years ago, I had to stop several times mowing the lawn and rest before I could finish. Thank goodness of miracles in our lives!

It's not very green yet, we still have a ways to go before that happens, but it sure was nice to get out!

So many of you are doing so well. Mike is down 30 lbs, Sarah 20!!!!! That is so great!!! Mike, Sarah and Rachel are improving their mileage and the times are great as well! Big Clyde is doing well both on the bike and running! Keep up the great work my friend! Bill is so amazing on his running ability, my long runs are a warm up to him. He is a great trail runner. Todd thanks for the inspiration! You are doing great! Hillary has been losing some more weight. Way to go! Mark A., way to keep after it! I'm sure many more of you are doing exceptional things as well! Hang in there and I will too!


  1. Looks like a good hike. I am so ready for spring here and looking forward to hiking in July.

  2. Hadn't heard about the Great Salt Lake shore trail system, very cool. Will keep it in mind when I visit UT.