Monday, August 30, 2010


Weekly Stats
Current: 203.8
Weekly Gain: 0.0
To Go: 28.8
Total 121.2

I am going with my weigh in from yesterday. I am leveled off which is great except overall the weight gain was alarming! We said goodbye to my daughter Sarah and her husband Mike. We had a great time with them here. It am now also saying goodbye to late nights and not watching my portions. I am also saying goodbye to several unhealthy food choices. I am ready to get back serious at all of this and stay on track.

I did stay true to my workout last week. I think that I mentioned that I am started training for a half marathon last week. I followed the training schedule and had a good workout week. This Saturday will be a good test with a 7 mile run. That will be the longest run I have done since I started back running this year. My next few weeks, I will be posting my training results. Wish me luck in my training! October 30th here we come!

At work, they have a Wellness program where they encourage you to exercise and also one other health goal. This time, besides 30 minutes of exercise, they are giving us the opportunity to set our own goal. They have challenged us to use the SMART method to reach our goal. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Target Date. So my goal is:

I will run a half-marathon on October 30, 2010.

I will do this by following a training schedule. This way my goal will be attainable. I am being realistic because I have been training and a few of my running friends think I am on track to be able to do it. It's definitely measurable with the distance. I guess I better register! :)

Great job to my friends who ran the Hobble Creek Half! That is one I may do next year. See you there I hope! Keep up the great work everyone. You are all an inspiration to me in a lot of different ways. Some by the way they workout. Some how they are struggling like I am to lose weight and get in better shape and a lot of you by encouraging me to keep after it. Thanks to my family who have been so supportive as well. Next week, I will tell you about Ragnar! Hang in there and I will to!


  1. So jealous of the half marathon. I still have yet to do an 'official' half, but that is a great way for me to get back into shape after this little one comes.

  2. Let me know when and where you decide to do it. I am planning on a full marathon next year! Sarah want to do Ragnar - Wasatch Back as well. Might be a fun running year next year!