Monday, August 16, 2010

Holy Cow!!!!!!

Weekly Stats
Current: 199.4
Weekly Gain: 6.6
To Go: 24.4
Total 125.6

Let me say this again, HOLY COW!!!! I didn't expect to have a loss this week and wouldn't have been surprised with a slight gain, but 6.6 lbs gained was not expected! Looking back over the week, I can say I had a good workout week. I didn't miss a workout and I felt pretty good all week. I did miss out on a super long hike this week, but I still got a 7 miler in on Friday morning and did a three other 6 mile runs during the week so I put the effort in. From on eating standpoint, I did rather well most of the week except for Friday night and Saturday when we were at a reunion, but I didn't eat 6 lbs extra of calories. Just have to chalk it up to a weird week and hopefully it will come right back off.

Speaking of reunions, one of the benefits of losing weight is the compliments that you get when people haven't seen you for a while. To be honest, I have enjoyed it, but I also realize that the time will come that the praise will stop and I will have to stay motivated for more personal reasons. I need to keep that in mind. I need to enjoy how much better I feel, how much more I am able to do now and to never forget how hard it was when I weighed to much. One of the downfalls of having a weight loss goals is when you reach it, you need to have long term goals and a plan to achieve them. If not, it is too easy to fall back into bad habits. I know one guy who made a deal with his wife that if he last X amount of pounds that he could get an iPad. He now has his iPad and some of his lbs have started creeping back on. I know another who had a heart attack and needed to lose weight, so that scared him into to doing it, he did the HCG diet, lost a bunch of weight and it is now creeping back on. It is one of my biggest fears is that I will let up once I reach my goal. I really do want to stay healthy! I need to face the fact that this will need to be a life long habit of eating right and exercising. I'm going to do it! I've got to do it! Let's keep encouraging each other!

Shout outs to Bill and Andy who ran the Epic relay this weekend from Logan to Jackson Hole! I don't know if Bill and Andy are on the same team, but Bill's team took 2nd overall! Nice job!!!! I talked to Wayne who lives a bit west of me yesterday and found out that he has run 7 marathons!!!! Wow!!!! Phil keeps working out! Way to go Phil! Hang in there and I will too!


  1. This is your first weird week like this, right? To only have one for the past year + is pretty amazing. Your doing awesome and covering so many miles and beautiful terrain. Keep it up, Dad. We are cheering for you here.

  2. This was the first weird week like this (at least with a huge gain). Just a wake up call I guess. I still am not discouraged, just surprised by how much I gained in one week. Thanks for the encouragement! I am not giving up in the least. I feel so much better and am in so much better health that I just need to ride the week out.