Monday, September 6, 2010

Heading Back Down

Weekly Stats
Current: 203.0
Weekly Loss: 0.8
To Go: 28.0
Total 122.0

Things finally turned back around this last week and I am posting a loss! Yea!!!! I was a bit worried about the gain. Hopefully I will trend back down.

This week's training for the half marathon went well. I went on a 7 mile long run on Saturday. It was a bit of a challenge cause I had to start later in the day than I usually due. I wasn't ready for the warm day that it was, but I still was able to complete the run. I was tired after though, but I still got a lot done around the house after so all in all it was good. All of my other runs went really well and I am still enjoying the running.

Today is Labor Day. Hope it is good for everyone. Maybe summer is officially over on the 21st, but for me, this is the last hurrah. Here come the cooler temps, the changing leaves and hopefully the falling pounds!

Couple of my running friends in the ward are struggling with running injuries. Here's hoping for a quick recovery for both Bill and Todd! My brother Gordon is struggling with his back as well. Hope that heals up all the way for you as well. Congrats to my cousin Lisa who just got married over the weekend! She has been constantly cheering for me from the beginning. Thanks to the rest of you as well!
Hang in there and I will too!

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