Monday, September 13, 2010


Weekly Stats
Current: 202.8
Weekly Loss: 0.2
To Go: 27.8
Total 122.2

I stayed on track this week on my training for the half marathon. Saturday was my long run and even though it was a struggle I was able to go 8 miles. First time that I had to deal with my legs tightening up. Not enough to stop me, but I could tell that they were thinking about cramping. Could have been a lot of factors. I took the scouts out camping the night before and so I was a little out of my routine. I also carried a water bottle of Gatorade and tried sipping on it, but my son-in-law thinks that I might not of had enough regular water to go along with it. According to the training schedule that I have been following, I am scheduled for a 10K this Saturday, but I am doing the official Timp hike this week. I know that will be a good workout as well. I will give a full report next week on that.

Shout out to Barry and Sue who I saw up on the trail as I was running. Great job! Sue has lost weight and Barry said she put in 40 minutes on Saturday! Barry is getting better after a few things that set him back and didn't go as far as Sue, but put in the time. Way to go to both of you! Haven't heard from my usual running neighbors this last week. Hope all is well with them! Corey and Emiy continue to put in the time running and walking this last week as well. I am proud of both of you. Barbara is focusing in on eating right again and she continues her workouts like she has done for years! Great job sweetie! Hang in there and I will too!

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  1. What helped my legs was those goo stuff. Also helped with recovery.

    Awesome job, though!