Monday, August 10, 2009

.... and Yet so Far!

Weekly Stats
Current: 308.4
Weekly Loss: 2.6 (gained)
To Go: 133.4
Total Lost 16.6
Exercise - 5/5 Days – 40+ minutes

Last week I was so close to the 20 lbs goal. This week I went the wrong direction! I was completely surprised because of all the activity I put in. So it's time to look at averages. I am averaging 1.28 lbs lost per week since I started. At that rate it will take me 117 weeks, or 2 years and three months) to lose the weight I want to lose. I don't think I want to take quit that long! I need to watch what I eat better. I think it is the hardest thing for two reasons. First is being aware of portions and second is estimating how many calories you are consuming. I have been most successful when I have tracked what I eat, but I don't want to spend money to track it online and I don't have a good way to track it any other way. Any suggestions?

For my main activities this week, I knew I wasn't able to hike on Saturday so I hiked to the "Y" on Friday morning before work. It is a steep trail, but well maintained. I made it to the small trail that cuts over to the bottom part of the Y. I had to turn around because I was tired and I also needed to get to work. I was happy with the hike though. Saturday was kind of a pay-off. We went to an Allen family reunion. D&D had a nice sports court. Many of us got involved in several games of Speed. I was surprised how long I was able to play. It was a blast to be able to do so. The exercising has paid off. I haven't just gotten out and played like that in a long time. I even had fun playing horse shoes.

Hope you all had a good week!

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