Sunday, July 1, 2012

Have I Got a Deal For You!

The young men and women at our church with a lot of help from the youth leaders put on a yard sale to help raise funds for our various camps. Even though our scout camp is over, we will benefit from this as well so the parents don't have to pay so much for their share of the expenses. I was overwhelmed by the support we got from our church members in donations for the sale. The lawn was covered with more items than I had ever seen at a yard sale. We helped out Friday night by collecting the larger donations and transporting them to the yard sale and then came back early on Saturday to lend a hand for a few hours. It was a success. Hats off to the young women leaders who went the extra mile in organization and mean negotiating skills.

As you may have heard in the news, the west is experiencing a lot of wildfires due to hot and dry conditions. Utah is no exception. I am glad that we went to Scout Camp the week before because this last week at the same camp, they evacuated the scouts as a safety precaution due to a fire in the area that as of last week had burned 70 square miles and was still going strong. Even though we live several miles from most of the fires, the skies have been smoke filled for almost two weeks now. We could use some cool and wet weather. 

I got in my miles this week. I continue to be more tired than usual. Hopefully I will bounce back here soon. 

My daughter Malinda and I went and picked up our packets for the Freedom Festival 10k that is this Wednesday on the 4th. This is her first race. We drove the route and talked a little strategy to make the race a good one for her. This will be a slow race for me, but I am not ready to push in a race right now. I just need to enjoy the race. It is a bit challenging with the hills, but it is a fun atmosphere as you run along the parade route. We will probably head over to the parade after since my son is going to sleep out on the parade route and save us some seats. 

Have a great 4th! Hang in there and I will too!


  1. I lived in SO California for the first half of my life and know all too well about wildfires. Scary stuff. Good luck with this next race!

  2. Bruce, I'll send good thoughts your way on the wildfires, as with friends in Colorado. Seattle has been damp and high 60s for weeks and while we are complaining about the lack of summer, I'm sure the rest of the country would take it for while.

  3. I hope you and Malinda will have fun in the race. I am excited that she is doing it with you. That was really nice of you to go over the route with her. Good luck and have a fun 4th of July. Love you guys!