Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finding the Other Side of Someday

For several years now, when our adult children come into town for a reunion, each of us puts together a playlist of songs based on the theme for that year.  I was listening to a song off of one of the playlist that Rachel put together called Gonna Get Over You by Sara Bareilles.  I like the song because it's great to work out to.  It has a good back beat and drive to it that I like.  The last time I listened to it, this piece of the lyrics caught my attention.
I'll be alright,
Once I find the other side of someday.
If you want to watch a goofy video and listen to a great song, here you go.

It got me thinking that I have been trying to get to the other side of someday for the past several months.  I have done well in my training.  I can't remember a training run that I didn't get in and I completed the Ogden Marathon and just on Wednesday ran my third Freedom Festival 10K.  But my weight and other aspects of my health suffered.  I have made several attempts to get back on track, but none of them sustained for very long as I tried to get to "the other side of someday."  I've had too may Monday's come and go without making needed changes.  While my running continues to be important and I would still like to complete my 7 peaks challenge, I would be better served by getting back on track on my overall weight and health.  The marathon training definitely stressed me out both physically and mentally to the point that my body was reacting negatively to the stress.  I need to turn this around.  This needs to be my focus for a while.
I've taken some steps in the right direction.  Today I started logging my food intake.  This always helps.  A work health challenge is to log your food intake for two months.  I can do this and I will be better off if I do.  I also started Bob Harper's latest book, The Skinny Rules.  I need to finish what I started there and follow through with his suggestions.
Also my Friday run, I really watched my heart rate.  I ran as long as I stayed in "Zone 3" and walked it down if it got too high.  I felt great after the run and felt a lot less stress.  I am going to back things off a bit on the running and get a good base built back up with heart zone training.  If I will do these three things I will be well on my way to the other side of someday.

Freedom Festival 10K Quick Report
I was going to run this race regardless of the circumstances, but my daughter Malinda asked me to run it with her since it was her first 10K.  She trained will for the race and her training paid off.  She made her goal with a few minutes to spare.  My approach to the race was not to push too hard and to finish at about 1h 20 minutes.  My slowest time yet, but it seemed like a good pace.  My training paid off as well and finished at about 1:18.  Malinda's husband entered in on race day, with no training, and beat both of our times!  He came in just under an hour.  Pretty impressive with no training.   Haven't heard how he felt the next day.  Maybe he paid the price then.   It's hard not to be like a bitter Mr. Miyagi after Daniel catches the flies with his chop sticks and say, "You beginner luck!"

Hang in there and I will too!

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  1. Bruce, great job getting all of your training runs in. I like how you seem to be inspiring your family, or at least participating with them. Michele just had a post along those lines as well. I'm not sure what advice to give you on the weight and "other health" issues, but it seems to me if you can run a marathon and 10Ks, you must be doing pretty well. All the best.