Sunday, July 22, 2012

2nd Annual Goody 10K and Y Hike

Tuesday was our 2nd annual Goody 10K.  This years route was changed from last years.  Last year, we took off from the house, ran a route down to Provo Canyon and back for the 10K.  This year it was suggested that the racers be dropped off up the canyon and run down for the 6.2 miles.  I figured out a route that would work, everyone that wanted to go was on board and up we went.

This year we had three runners and three walkers.  Sarah, Rachel and Malinda were our three runners.  My wife, Alison and I were the walkers.  It was a beautiful morning and the canyon is in shade most of the day so it was fun.  We had a good time talking as we tried to make it down as quick as we could.  We got a slight start on the runners and it wasn't long before they came running past us.  We were pushing one of the grandsons in a stroller but his Mom grabbed the stroller and off the runners went.  The came close to their finishing goal and were well under an hour.  The walkers finished up a little over an hour and a half.  It was fun to cheer each other on and I hope this can continue on as a regular tradition.

We finished the day's fun by going to a local pool.  I was enjoying hanging in the shade and trying to get a nap until my oldest grandson came up to me with a big smile on his face asking if I would go down the tallest slide with him.  It was hard to turn him down and I found myself at the top of the slide surrounded by lots of kids who were all at least a foot shorter than me.  The things we do for our kids/grandkids. I am just glad I can still do it.  My grandson went down before me and when I hit the pool at the bottom of the slide, water went all over and my grandson was stifling a laugh.

I wrote a while back about hiking to the 'Y' above Brigham Young University.  There have been plans to hike it every year but something has always taken precedence and the hike never has happened until this year.  Friday night, one of my daughters texted everyone else and said they were going to do it on Saturday morning and wanted to know who else was in.  My wife and I were in for sure and there were 10 of us then ended up hiking the 1.2 miles up to the top of the Y.  It is steep and gets the heart pounding, but the view is nice and the strain is worth it.

Start of the hike at the trailhead
Starts out steep and doesn't let up!
I caught up with the some of the hikers that got a head start.  Here I am
telling a granddaughter about an old man who started after the rest and beat
the grandkids to the top.  She didn't stop after that!
Off she goes, never to be seen again with the lead hikers.
At the top of the Y.
Joined by the rest!
Enjoying the view!

Hope you are staying active and having fun this summer!  Hang in there and I will too!

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  1. Just checking in to see if you are doing okay. Missed you in the blog world. Michele