Monday, September 12, 2011

Timp III

My brother Gordon and I tried to hike Mount Timpanogos about 6 weeks ago.  After 5 miles and several snowfield crossings, we turned back when one of them proved to be too much.  I didn't know if we would get another chance this year until some of the guys at work said they wanted to hike it.  I set up a date, we got about 10 people saying they wanted to go and the plan was set in place.  After all was said in done, on Friday we arrived at the trailhead with Gordon, one other guy from work, (Paul) and me.  I've described this hike several times, so I won't go into much detail here other than to point out a few things that were different about this hike and also a few pictures.

It was fun to have all three of us be matched up well in our hiking abilities.  We took turns switching off leading and it kept us on a good pace.  We hit the summit after hiking about four and a half hours.  Not bad considering the average is six to eight hours to the top.

Paul and Gordon at the place where the snowfield stopped us last time.  Just a small patch is all that is left.
Looking down at Emerald Lake which is still partially covered with ice.  It's usually snow free by the first of July.
Paul, Bruce and Gordon at the summit.
 On the way down, we met two others from work, Scott and Joe, who had a conflict in the morning.  They started hiking around noon and kept going until they met us coming down.  As you can see on the following picture, it is a beautiful trail.
Heading back down.
I felt really great on this hike.  I even packed the poles away for most of the hike on the way down.  I think my training for the half marathon on downhill routes helped.  The only thing that was painful is my trail running shoes are too small in the toes and they were a bit tender.  I need to get another pair.  Other than that, it was a great hike and I'm glad I got to do it again this year.  It also makes Gordon a member of the Three Peak Challenge club.  Great job Gordon!  Thanks to Paul for being a great hiking buddy as well!

Another quick note.  My daughter Sarah suggested that I read "The Long Run" by Matt Long.  It is an inspiring story of a NY city fireman who had run marathons, was an Ironman finisher and is a survivor of the 9/11 attacks 10 years ago.   He was hit by and sucked under a bus, survived after receiving 69 pints of blood and over 40 surgeries.  He chronicles his recovery, his discouragement and how he overcame this and became determined to run a marathon again against all odds.  It was truly an inspiring book.  I felt it was fitting to drop this book back to the library by running the 1.2 miles down there instead of driving.  Just a small tip of the hat to Matty and his inspiring story.  I highly recommend the book.

Hang in there and I will too.  


  1. I saw Matt Long interviewed on TV. What an inspiring story!

    I love that you ran it back to the library!!!

  2. Another amazing week. You are doing great dad. I am so impressed with the amount of time it took you guys to hike it. You did awesome. Keep up the good work. I love you.

  3. That looks like a great read. Thanks for sharing it. Beautiful trial pictures, too!

  4. I had so hoped I'd be able to hike Timp this year. Time is starting to run short now amongst other commitments. I had initially planned a backpacking trip with one of our contract employees to Silver Lake next weekend, forgetting that it is General Conference. So we've postponed that trip. The following weekend I have North Star training for the Scouts to complete my 'Trained' leader qualifications. Yes, time is running short fot this season. I do have snowshoeing to look forward to in the not too distant future, however.