Monday, September 26, 2011

Carry That Weight

David W. posted this article about a cross-country runner named Josh Ripley on Facebook and shared it.  As I read the article, I got thinking how often I get helped by others when I get discouraged along the journey including many of you.  Thanks for the support!

Andover cross country runner Josh Ripley, who carried a competitor for 1/2 mile at an event

Blog Award
Michelle over at Ruminations was kind enough to award me with a blog award.  If you don't follow Michelle, I would recommend you do.  She is doing well on making a lifestyle change and is losing weight the right way.  A great combination of exercise (over 1000 miles biking this year so far) and making reasonable and healthy changes in the way she eats.  Slow and steady wins the race in the long run.  Keep up the great work Michelle.

Back in Training
As I posted last week, I decided to run the Halloween Half again this year.  I started at week 4 training on a new schedule.  My running up to this week was sufficient enough for me to start where I did.  I like the new schedule if for no other reason it mixes things up a bit.  Speed work is mixed in to the middle of an easier pace. It's fun for me to run faster for short sprints and then crank it back down.  For now the length of the intervals is about right.  Saturday's long run was a bit rough however.  I have been trying to really watch  my heart rate.  I tend to push it a bit too hard and end up paying for it on race day.  I decided this time out, I would really train within the parameters that the training calls for.  The problem on Saturday was my Garmin which tracks both heart rate and distance got knocked off the charger and it didn't even last getting out of the car.  I didn't have a watch with me, so I had to guess on my heart rate by effort.  I know the distance of a 6 miler on the path I took, but it was an 8 mile run so I had to guess when to turn back.  I am not sure if I was short or long.  I also had to take off later than I usually do.  The first part of the run was a real struggle and I ended up having to choose between walking or falling over.  I chose to walk for about a half mile until I felt ok.  From there on, I was in a bit better shape and able to run the rest.

When I got  back to the car, this was on my windshield.
This is both wrong and funny in so many ways!

Hang in there and I will too.


  1. Oh my... that's quite the 5k, huh? Very funny.

  2. Bruce, remember... you will be required to run the 5k after winning the hotdog eating contest as well as the rootbeer chug! :-)

  3. Sounds like some of the running obstacles will be hots dogs and root beer!

  4. Bruce, I just linked to your Drew Carey post. Have a great week!

  5. Maybe it is to challenge the excellent runners who will be running it. See how far you can run that marathon after eating hot dogs and rootbeer. Keep up the good work on your training and I hope that it goes better next week. Way to keep going. Love you.