Monday, September 19, 2011

The Price (of Great Health) is Right!

A few bits and pieces this week.

I'm a Runner: Drew Carey
Drew Carey
Runner's World ran a great article on Drew Cary.  You might have heard his story of losing weight, but this article is the latest in his efforts to get fit.  I can relate to what he has gone through and we are close to the same age.  I hope you get some motivation and some good practical advice from it as I did.

September Challenge.  Mer at We're Losing It posted a challenge a few weeks back.  Really quite simple but effective.  I thought I ought to report on my progress since we are now more than half way through September.
  • Minimum 30 minute workout (Every day I worked out was at least 30 minutes.) 
  • 5-6 days a week (5 times / week is 71.4% of the time, I've exercised 86.6% of the time so far)
  • Cardio or strength training (Both.  I've been mixing it up)
  • Post daily about it on your blog. (Missed a couple of tweets, but for the most part logged my workouts)
Bob Harper - Totally Ripped Core.   I am a big fan of the Biggest Loser and have always wondered how I would do if Bob was my trainer.  Last year I bought several of his Inside Out DVD's and they are hard.  Just last week, I got his Totally Ripped Abs DVD and it is a killer as well (in a good way.)  If you are looking to mix things up, I would recommend his DVDs.  Most are $10 and under from Amazon, Walmart and Target. 
Bob Harper: Totally Ripped Core [DVD]Inside Out Method - Complete Collection

One last bit of news.  I have decided to run the Halloween Half again this year. 


I was not going to race anymore this year but after cutting back on my running for a couple of weeks, I am feeling ready to train again.  I have benefited a lot from training for races.  Saturday it really started bugging me so I checked where I should be in training according to a Runner's World training sheet and found I was about right on my weekly runs.  So I started on week 4 this morning.  I am going to really focus on my heart rate on this training schedule and see how it goes.  This morning went really well.

Hang in there and I will too!


  1. Hey Bruce. I read that article too and was impressed by Drew's commitment and accomplishment. Thanks for sharing it with everyone else.

  2. Way to keep your self motivated with marathons. I am so proud of you and all that you have done and do every day. Love you dad. Keep up the good work.

  3. HI, Bruce,
    I did not know about Drew Carey's fitness efforts (Yeah I live on another planet!). So thanks. I am always impressed by how you push yourself with challenges and the like. That is why I am spreading some bloggy love your way. It is an "award," but different than most. Easy and well, your blog is inspirational in my book. Hope others see it that way too. Michele