Monday, October 5, 2009

Two breakthroughs!

Weekly Stats
Current: 293.4
Weekly Loss: 9
To Go: 118.4
Total 31.6
Exercise - None

Back from my three week (thought it would be two) hiatus. I decided during my rest period that I would really focus on the weight loss. I did gain a lot by my exercise, but I also realized that my body was really taking a beating with all of this extra weight. I looked at various options and have decided to go on a very strict diet. It has been a tough first week, but my body is adjusting to the change and I am dropping weight. The weekly loss above really is just my net loss since my last reporting three weeks ago. I gained some back during my recovery. I actually lost 14.2 lbs this first week on the diet. I realize that this won't keep up at this rate, but it was a good start.

I was able to fill in another star! I passed two thresholds. I've not lost 30 lbs and I broke the 300 lbs level. Yippee!!!!! Hopefully I will never see 300 again!

Haven't heard how others are doing. Hopefully when I post my stats, I will get some feedback how others are doing. If you took a break, get back at it! We are all cheering for you!


  1. Good work! Keep it up! I am still riding although it is harder with the weather & light changes we are having.

  2. yaHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Way to toss those 300's! You go Bruce!!

  3. Way to go Gordon. I have enjoyed your ride postings. Hopefully I can join you before long.

    Martha - thanks for the support!

  4. Congrats on another star and leaving the 300's behind. I'm still running 6 to 7 miles on Saturdays, trying to keep trained up for the Columbus half marathon in May. I'll see how I do during the winter.
    We also got a bike and a trailer to put the boys in, so some days I will put Dylan and Parker in it and go. That has been fun to break it up a bit.

  5. Good for you Rachel!!!! It is hard after you have reached a goal not to keep going. Good for you on setting another goal and to keep training! Keeping your boys involved sets a good example for them as well.