Monday, September 14, 2009

Two Week Reporting Hiatis

On Saturday, Scott (who is a fellow co-worker) and I went on a four mile hike up Dry Canyon and over across the front of Big Baldy on the Curly Springs trail. This was to be the day that we hiked to the top of Baldy, but as I mentioned earlier, it was too much to attempt. I just wasn't ready to do it. This hike that we took was hard enough as it was. Both Scott and I, as we compared notes this morning, were wiped out the rest of the day on Saturday. We were however both happy with the progress that we have made over the summer. There is no way I could have hike this distance and climbed like we did at the beginning of the summer.

I decided even before the hike that I was going to take a week to recuperate. I have learned that after a hard workout that it takes a lot out of me and I have been running a bit on empty as it was. So this week to rest up and regroup. Next Monday, I am going to focus on getting my weight down. I will still exercise, but my main goal is to get some serious pounds off. I will resume my reporting the week following after I have started off in my new direction (same goal just adjusting how I will get there). If you don't see a post on September 28th, I invite all to get after me because I committed to do this and I don't want to stop until I reach my goals.

Lisa H. continues to do well. She has helped keep me motivated! Thanks Lisa! Chris and Rick are off to great starts on their diets. They are working together to get the weight off and so far so good, 9 and 15 lbs is something to cheer about for sure. Keep hanging in there!

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