Monday, October 12, 2009

A Better Week

Weekly Stats
Current: 287.6
Weekly Loss: 5.8
To Go: 112.6
Total Lost 37.4

Just finished off the second week of my strict diet. This week was much better as my body finally made adjustments to the reduced calories. Monday night, I just started feeling half decent and it has been pretty good ever since. I had to fight through what was like a constant headache and craving, not so much from my stomach, but my something in my brain that was being denied that it was used to getting. That may not make much sense, but that's how it felt. Probably not to different than trying to go off any other addiction. I was determined to see it through the first week and I'm glad I did.

This week had a couple of challenges. With the severe reduction in calories, I knew that I wouldn't have a lot of energy reserves. A lady that we home teach, had her dog put to sleep after he was struggling with so many health issues. She asked Corey and I if we could bury her dog in her back yard. The ground in Orem used to be a river bed I believe. Just a few inches down there are many rocks that are cemented in clay. It takes a great deal of effort to dig very far down. I learned that early when I moved to Orem and ditched my yard by had to put in a sprinkler system and also planted a several trees. Corey was of help, but it was hard for both of us. I didn't even get a chance to eat before since both Corey and I had to be somewhere by seven. I'm glad we got the job done and we both had a better appreciation for each other after that.

The other challenge of the week is after we went to my uncle's funeral, my Mom and Dad offered to buy us all lunch at Golden Coral. If you don't know it is an all-you-can-eat buffet. I wasn't sure how I was going to stay on plan and eat there. But I headed to the salad bar and started with a foundation of lettuce. They had some chicken, shrimp and steak cut up into small pieces,which I was able to get my 100 grams of protein from my "approved" list quite easily. I then found some vinaigrette hanging out by the other dressing and I was set. I did grab another plate and got a little extra chicken and some salmon and put some strawberries with it and I was more than satisfied with what I ate! I didn't gain any weight and I didn't blow my diet! Whooohoooo!!!!!

Got good reports this week from others who are sticking with their health goals. Gordon is still going strong on the bike! Way to go! Lisa H. is hanging in there and still making progress losing weight! Yesssss! Rachel has kept up her training after completing a half-marathon by training for another! Wow!!! Bill H. finished the St. George marathon with a personal best time!!!! He has already started up training again and is looking towards the Boston marathon which he as qualified for two years in a row now! Impressive! Barbara has been faithfully keeping in shape for many years now! Amazing job!!! Thanks to all for the inspiration and examples that you set. I hope the others are doing good as well.

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