Monday, July 6, 2009

Your Darn Well Shootin!

Weekly Stats:
Current: 312.4
Weekly Loss: 1.4
To Go: 137.4
Total Lost: 12.6
Exercise - 5/5 Days – 40+ minutes

Lost weight in spite of a long holiday weekend! That is great for me! However, in the same breath, I could have done better by passing on a few things. We went camping for a few days and had a lot of good food, but we also hiked (more on that later) and I kept active doing other things as well. The water tap wasn't right handy so we had to make several trips to fetch water for the dishes and such.

Physically I amped it up on my walking during the week. I was averaging about three miles each time, but I was really exhausted heading into the three day weekend. I was able to get a lot of good sleep when we camped and that helped out quite a bit. Also being away from the stress of everyday life helped out as well so I did come back refreshed and happy that we went.

On Friday, we decided to hike to Buffalo Peak. It is a good hike because you can get to the back side of it from the Squaw Peak road. It is about a mile, but the last part is fairly steep so you get a good workout. Everyone did well, there were some yellow flowers in bloom throughout the hike and the overlooks into Rock Canyon, Squaw Peak and Utah Valley make the hike very enjoyable. Everything was great until we headed down. There were people camped down by the road that were doing target practice. I was a little concerned, but it looked like they were shooting into a solid background. Everything was OK until we heard the sound of semi-automatic gunfire. It first sounded like bottle rockets were going overhead, but we soon figured out they were bullets zinging through the air and trees. I started whistling, but the gunfire continued. I thought our best option was to get down of trail as quickly as possible. The trail went on the other side of the ridge from where the gunfire was coming from. Emily was probably the most upset of all of us and was right behind me in coming down quickly. She said a prayer and after a bit yelled, "WE ARE PEOPLE, WE ARE NOT ANIMALS!!!". I don't know if they could hear her or not, but the gun-fire stopped right after. I think her prayer was to much avail! We were down of the mountain in record time I think. I drove down to where we knew one group was firing, but they were only shooting shotgun and 22 rifles. When I told them about the semi-automatic firing, they said they heard it too, but it was further down the road and they were unsure exactly where. We never did figure out who or where was firing.

Lesson learned this week: Increase your cardio rate by exercising in a war zone!

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