Monday, July 20, 2009

Mr. Dee Hyde Ration

Weekly Stats
Current: 307.2
Weekly Loss: 2.2
To Go: 132.4
Total 17.8
Exercise - 5/5 Days – 40+ minutes

Good week for several reasons. First I had a decent weight loss. There were some definite challenges with family in town for several weeks and lots of good food available, but I tried not to eat after eight and it seems to help.

I got to exercise with one of my daughters (Rachel) this week. Well kind of I guess. She would drop over and pick me up and we headed over to the canyon. She would walk a bit of the way with me and then off she would run and leave me in the dust, but just being together for a bit was fun.

Firday into Saturday we went camping at Blackhawk campground. The loop was so big that it was easy to get in enough exercise on Saturday morning as Rachel and I walked the loop twice. I got a taste of what Rachel was experiencing with the altitude change. Blackhawk sits at about 8000' so I was really huffing and puffing especially up the inclines. It was also a bit warm and I couldn't get enough water the rest of the day. We all had a good time of while we were there.

With the temperatures hitting the century mark over the past few days, I need to be sure and drink plenty of water. Make sure you are getting enough water too!

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