Monday, June 29, 2009

Back on Track

Weekly Stats
Current: 313.8
Weekly Loss: 2.6
% Weight Loss: .80%
To Go: 138.8
Total 11.2
Exercise - 5/5 Days – 40+ minutes

I am happy with today's report. It reflects the good week I had. Exercising went well and I was able to fit it around a busy week.

The weather was great on Saturday. I was able to go up Dry Canyon again and made it further than I ever have. Every quarter of a mile is filled with steep climbs and I really get huffing and puffing, but I think a once a week workout like that is good. I made it a little ways above the Curley Springs trail. The part of the trail that I climbed from there winds it's way up to the saddle. I would like to make it up to the saddle by the end of July, but we will see. I feel that would put my on pace to make it to the top of Big Baldy by the second weekend of September which is when I would like to make the first of the three summits.

Things I've learned this week: 1)It is hard to drink enough water! I was really busy Saturday and I don't think I stopped sweating until I got clean up for Stake Conference. I was thirsty all weekend. 2) I need to get a good nice sleep on a regular basis in order to eat right. When I get tired, my body sends out signals that it is hungry, but I really think what is needed is a good nice sleep. Makes it especially hard at the end of the day not to snack.


  1. Way to go dad! We had a down day yesterday, but we're back on track today.

  2. Thanks! Keep me posted on your progress as well. It's fun to hear how you guys are doing.