Monday, June 8, 2009


Weekly Stats
Current: 318.4
Weekly Loss: 5.4
% Weight Loss: 1.66%
To Go: 143.4
Total Lost 6.6
Exercise - 5/5 Days – 30+ minutes

Two important things happened this week and they are both related. First of all, I was struggling increasing my exercise time using the elliptical that we have. Despite being on the lowest incline and resistance, I was having a difficult time making it over twenty minutes. I decided to try a walk up the canyon on the Provo River Trail for a change of pace. I was able to go 30 minutes quite easily! I think something is wrong with our elliptical. Maybe the calibration is off. Regardless, I think I will work on walking for a while. It is much less stressful on me, I enjoy getting out and I can go longer.

The second great thing that happened is that I lost weight. There are many factors that contributed, but I think I was over-stressing my body with the elliptical and my body was working on building and repairing my muscles. Walking seemed to put me more into a fat-burning mode. Two other factors were donating blood and missing two meals on Sunday, but I think that was minor in comparison to the walking.

On Saturday, I headed up Dry Canyon again. I was able to do about a 3/4 of a mile round trip which may not seem like much, but the first part of the trail is quite steep. I was huffing and a puffing quite a bit. I did make it to the part that I call the "steps", where the rock creates some natural stairs. I was happy about making it that far. Next week my goal is Curly Springs.

All in all a great week!


  1. Woohoo indeed! It so nice to be able to feel some differences in endurance and strength. Sarah and I went for a run last night. It was balmy and rained a little and it felt great. She ran faster than usual and finished strong. It was a good run.

  2. I got a little wet walking this morning myself. I think it's great that you are both working towards the half marathon. I think one of the biggest motivators in getting in shape is to have a goal! Good luck to both of you as you train.

  3. I would love to participate in your three mountain challange. I have only ridden a horse to the top of Big Baldy and have not ever done Timp or Kings peak

  4. @Gordon - Great. I would love the company. I have a ways to go even for Baldy, but I am getting a bit further each week. I haven't done Timp for over 25 years would be my guess. I have never done King's Peak, but I have always wanted to.