Monday, November 15, 2010


Weekly Stats
Current: 215.0
Weekly Gain: 0
To Go: 40.0
Total 110.0

I said last week that I was only going to post my weight, but my friend David, who is an accounting junkie says he missed the numbers. Fair enough I will keep posting the stats partly because of David and partly because I said I would at the beginning.

The meaning behind my title is that my weight did not jump all over the place. I saw consistency throughout the week which is great. I am still hampered by my a couple of nagging injuries that aren't serious, but prevent me from running as far as I would like. This morning was my best distance since the half. I was able to go about 2 1/4 miles before I needed to walk it out. That is a mile better than last week. I walked and ran the rest of the 4 1/2 miles. As hard as it is to be patient, I need to not push it too hard or it will take longer to heal up.

I took the Scouts out camping this weekend. The only thing I miss about my former weight is the insulation. It was cold and I had to throw on a lot more clothes than I used to and my feet were cold all through the evening. I guess the price of some good insulated boots will be worth the it compared to the cost of being overweight and out of shape!

A shout out to those who took the no weight gain challenge from last week. Rachel, Hillary and Chris are on board. Still time to weigh in and commit to no weight gain over the holidays. Bill is happily running again! Keep going Bill! David said he was going to start back at it. Go David! Hang in there and I will too!

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