Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Workout

Weekly Stats
Current: 209.4
Weekly Loss: 1.2
To Go: 34.4
Total 115.6

Sunday is usually a rest day for me, but we got about 6 inches of snow. Earlier in the week they predicted a blizzard and we got zero inches. This time no blizzard warning and we get a good dose of snow. You all know what that means. SNOW WORKOUT!!! I can always tell when we are going to get a good snow storm because when my neighbor goes out of town, it usually snows hard. We watch out for each other when it snows and so I got a double dose of the workout.

It has been cold the past week and the streets were snow packed this morning. I bought a pair of rubber cleats that fit over the bottom of your shoes. I put them on not knowing how well they would work and I was pleased. I had good traction the whole route. Most of the route was plowed, even most of the river trail, but as I got close to the canyon, I had to trudge through the snow. It was a good workout on the legs and it got me excited to try snow shoeing in the near future.

How did you all do during the holiday? I know Martha did another tread mill torture the day after. Good job Martha. I myself ate a little too much at Thanksgiving dinner, but I did workout and ate good the rest of the day. Hillary is doing well. Rachel will soon have a big weight loss (couple days past her due date!). Hang in there and I will too.

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