Monday, May 3, 2010

One Half

Weekly Stats
Current: 206.6
Weekly Loss: 1.8
To Go: 31.6
Total 118.4

The weight loss is being more consistent the past couple of weeks. Even though it has slowed a bit, losing about 2 lbs a week is a good way to go. I am getting close to another 10 lbs star and should hit that in the next week or so. I'm hoping for next week since it will be one year since I started.

Great workout week. My daughter Sarah and her husband Mike have been training for a half-marathon. Rachel had planned on running with them as well, but her doctor advised her not to run that far of a distance while she is on the nest. I told Sarah that I would hike at least that far before they ran their half-marathon. I was able to do that a while back, but as the time of their race approached, I decided to do a personal half-marathon myself. I haven't been specifically training for a half-marathon and I knew I couldn't run the whole way, but I have been jogging over five miles on my weekday runs. I thought that I could walk for a half mile and jog for a half mile the whole time. So that was my plan. I took off at 6am our time to coincide with the 8am start time in Columbus. My calves complained a bit, but I started off from the house and worked my way up to the canyon and headed up the trail. I turned back around after 6.55 miles and was spot on by the time I got back home. My plan worked out well. I was aiming for somewhere around three hours and got finished at about 3:10, tired but happy. Sarah and Mike did well and I am proud of them for all of their hard training to be able to finish.

Another shout out to Mike and Sarah! Woohoo!!!! You did it! A shout out to Rachel, who ran the first mile with Sarah and then caught her with 2 miles to go and finished out with her! Way to be supportive Rachel! Bill H. ran the Provo half marathon and then pushed on for several more miles!!!! WOW! Todd A. has picked up the training as has David W. Great job guys!!!!! Phil and Nan, WAY TO TRAIN!!!!!! Phil is making remarkable progress since he held himself accountable. Keep it up Phil, you are doing great! I suspect Hillary is doing something too, she looks like she has lost weight! To the rest of you who are working out, keep it up!!!! Hang in there and I will too!

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