Monday, May 17, 2010

10K - 10 Pounds

Weekly Stats
Current: 202.2
Weekly Loss: 4.4
To Go: 27.2
Total 122.8

A great week all around! I had a good weight loss this week. I have been struggling to drop lately, so it was nice to see a good number! I also got another 10 lbs star. I have less than 30 pounds of that 150 total left to lose. Plus the 200 lbs goal is in sight! That will be a great milestone as well.

I enjoyed my workouts this week. Last Wednesday, I made it all the way to the Dry Canyon parking lot from home! Hard but rewarding. My Saturday hike with Scott and Gordon was fun! Scott went most of the way with us as we went from the Water Tower road, up and over to Dry Canyon and then across the face of Big Baldy! Gordon and I went a little further and ended up logging about 11 miles total. Lastly my run this morning was my fastest pace since I started and I covered a 10K distance in the process which is the furthest I've run since I started back up.

Shout outs to Bill H who decided to run the Ogden Marathon 2 days before it started. He felt so good that he when he finished he went back on the course and did a total of 30 miles! Wow!!!!!!! On our hike Saturday, we ran into one of Gordon's biking buddies, Steve W. who tore his Achilles tendon a while back. His doctor gave him the go ahead to ride his bike on the road, but knowing that Steve loves to hit the dirt told him he could do it if he left his boot on. So we saw Steve heading up the trail on his bike and wearing his boot! He was the first up the road! That's dedication! Great job Scott in hanging in there with us on the hikes. You get better every week! Todd A. is back training again despite having an injury that slowed him for a bit. Way to be patient Todd! Way to cross-train as well! Lisa H. thanks for your support! Hang in there everyone and I will too!

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