Monday, March 1, 2010

100 reasons to be happy!

Weekly Stats
Current: 224.0
Weekly Loss: 4.6
To Go: 49.0
Total 101.0

As much as last week was discouraging, this week was great!!!!!! I have been looking forward to this milestone for quite a while now! 101 lbs baby! I have lots to celebrate this week. Losing 4.6 for the week is great. I also made my monthly goal by losing 10.8 lbs. Plus I got another 10 lbs star!!! Excellent!!! And the exciting thing is, I am looking forward to losing this last 50 lbs! I am not dreading the exercise, the diet and all the other hard work that goes into losing weight. I really want to do this! I actually want to live this way from here on out! Eating healthy and keeping in shape!

Saturday was a great workout day for me in a couple of ways. I ended up hiking somewhere between 9.5 and 10 miles! I felt great as well. I had an interesting experience as I was heading back down the canyon. I had two runners pass by me quite slowly. One of them was quite heavy, but he was keeping a steady pace. I decided to catch up to them and give him some encouragement as I knew what a struggle he must be having. I told him that I had lost close to a 100 lbs and how much better I felt. I encouraged him to keep up the good work and not give up. He told me that he had lost 50 lbs in a month and was training for a marathon in June!!! I ended up being encouraged by him probably more than he was by me! I didn't ask his name, but I was really impressed that he had the determination to train. Another benefit I got from catching up and talking to him was I had to go at a slow jog to do it. I had already gone about 8 miles by this time and it didn't hurt to do it and I was able to keep up a conversation. It helped me with a change of pace this morning. I decided to see how I would do at a nice slow jog. I ended up jogging about two blocks and then walking for one the whole way. I did that for the whole 5 miles and I felt pretty decent when I got home! I think I have found a way to push myself a little bit harder during the time I have to workout and help me reach my goals!

Congrats to all of you who are working hard! Hang in there and I will too!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so exciting. I'm glad you've found a new way to spice up the exercising. It helps keep you going. Good luck with then next 50! Love you.

  2. Thanks! It's always good to keep things mixed up. Not only does it help with things not getting boring, but the body has to adapt as well and it can help with weight loss from what I have heard. Love you too!