Monday, April 9, 2012

Two a Days

Even though it wasn't in my training schedule, I did a two a day workout on Saturday. I know that it is best to stick to training. If you do more that it outlines, you are at risk for overtraining and injury. Too little and you will likely pay the price on race day. So why did I deviate from my schedule? My daughter got married.
I was scheduled for a 12 miler in the morning. If I have something big and taxing on Saturday, I will sometimes move the long run to Friday morning instead. I had thought about doing it, but a storm came rolling through overnight and we awoke to a lot of wet snow and it was still coming down. Besides I would have been out the door by 5 am to get the run done in time to get to work at a decent time. I decided to bank a little rest and hope for the best on Saturday.
I never would have thought that a 12 miler would seem like an easier long run, but after the 24 miler a couple of weeks back, it wasn't too bad. I headed to LES like I have in the past but took a little different route back home. I knew the road climbed a bit, but I've always taken it in a car. It turned out to be a steady climb but it was worth it. I ended up on top of a bench that overlooked Utah Valley. then I got the payoff as I headed down a road that had a nice running path to the side. I had several more miles to go, so I headed towards Provo Canyon and then did a loop back to home and finished up at 12 miles almost on the dot.
Then came the real workout as we had those few last errands to run before the afternoon wedding and reception. We got everything picked up, packed up and we all headed over to the reception center. Considering all the snow we had had the day before and how cold it had been on the run in the morning, it was a beautiful afternoon with all of the snow melted and the temperatures in the 60's. Everything went well. It was one of the first weddings that we have had with all of our children that actually started pretty close to on time. The pictures afterwards went quickly (thanks Melissa!), and we even got the reception started pretty close to on time. Like a running nerd, I work my compression sleeves underneath my sparkling tux and they did wonders to help keep the legs fresh throughout the night. The only pain I really had to endure were the very unsupportive rental shoes that I wore. For some reason they were killing the bottom of my feet. But all in all, it was a great wedding and everyone seemed happy!
I even had a rare Sunday workout with helping get things ready for having a lot of family over for Easter dinner. After this weekend was over, I had an even greater appreciation for the one who doesn't like me to even mention her in my blog significant other better half person who I love with all my heart!
Hang in there and I will too!


  1. Wow! You had your compression sleeves on? You ARE a running nerd! :) I'm sure nobody noticed...I know I didn't!

    Your significant other better half person did a great job this weekend! I hope she's resting today!

  2. Congratulations on the marriage of your daughter! Sounds like a beautiful wedding.

    Your ability to get in your runs despite snow and a wedding in the family are inspirational to all of us. Just excellent progress, Bruce! Here is to another great week! michele

  3. Congratulations on the major life event, and for not allowing it to knock your training off.'ve got to be the first to blog about your tux undergarment. Well played!

  4. Way to not make any excuses to not do your run and even better that it was a good run. I am glad you got to have such a sucessful weekend and that all went good with the wedding and easter celebration. You and mom make a great team. Love you guys. Keep up the great work.