Monday, April 16, 2012

Short and Sweet

I have had a tough time finding time to get my blog written this week. I need to keep it short and sweet.

Last Week's Training
It was an easier week for training. My main training run was Saturday. I ran a little over 6 total and one of them was a Miracle Mile which I have written about before. I ran the mile at about 10 minutes so it means I am on track for my planned pace. I am happy about that. The run this Saturday will help me see if I can go the distance in the time indicated.

Danger Rough Road Ahead
Saturday looms ahead as my last long, long run. It is scheduled for 29 miles, but since my last long, long run came up a bit short at 24 instead of 26, I will be happy if I go at least 26. Each successive run, I have been able to go a few more miles that the last one, so we will see. I am going to have a long down hill section to start off. That will take up about 15 miles of it. I need to figure out the rest of the route from there.

Biggest Loser Contest
In preparation for the wedding last week, my kids decided to do a Biggest Loser contest. Even though I didn't really add to the totals, I am proud of the fact that collectively the family lost 144 lbs. We have already started a second season since the family will all be back out here in July for several weeks. I hope to be more competitive this go around.

I have been reading up on cross fit training and think I will give it a go after the marathon.  I plan on doing a lot of hiking, but still want to run a race or two.  This might fit the bill all the way around.  More on that later.
Hang in there and I will too!

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  1. What a great family commitment to a healthier lifestyle! Bravo to all of you for your collective loss!

    I thought about you when I did my 27 mile ride last Saturday. That was a long ride on wheels, I can not imagine how that must feel on feet. But you are reaching an extraordinary goal, Bruce and I am pulling for you all the way.