Monday, January 23, 2012

Going Long

Long Run 

I went on my long run on Saturday.  This really was a long run.  17 miles worth of long!  It was a challenge for many reasons.  The length, even with walk breaks, was really quite far.  Half of it was uphill and it was raining a snowing most of the time.  By the time I was through, I was soaked, tired and cold.  A warm shower never felt so good.  Even though it was so hard and I had to walk quite a bit the last two and a half miles, there was plenty positives to be taken from this run.  The Ogden Marathon is mostly downhill so being able to do this mileage and half of it be uphill gave me a bit of confidence.  I also mentioned a few weeks back that I needed to reach the 17 mile mark in the actual marathon in four and a half hours.  I did it with 2 minutes to spare!  :) Sure I was slow, but I wasn’t racing and the adverse conditions didn’t help improve my pace at all. 

Speaking of adverse conditions, it was good to know that I didn’t let the bad weather get me down either.  Weather conditions in Utah during May can be all over the place, I now know I can make 17 miles in bad conditions.

I Can't
Last week I talked about the limits that we put on ourselves.  I had to deal with the “I can’t” part of me during the run.  Several times in fact.  It was good to not listen to the voice of doubt and just keep going.  That is going to be my biggest obstacle in finishing the marathon. As I have said before, I just need to trust in my training.

Warning! Don't read the next section if you don't want to be grossed out.  After reading Melissa's puke in the backpack and other such stories, I thought I'd share a bit of fun as well.  I was about two and a half miles into my run when I looked down and saw a Pink Nellie.  What is a Pink Nellie you ask?  Almost 50 years ago, I remember sitting in my classroom when a girl named Nellie deposited what looked like an egg salad sandwich on the top of her desk.  I still remember the vivid colors, the putrid smell and the horror that spread through the class.  Those memories came flooding back when I looked down and saw a Nellie just off to my left.  Why pink?  They must of had a slurpee to go along with the sandwich!  Don't say I didn't warn you!  Luckily I was not to far into my run so I averted my own Nellie!

Care to share any Nellie stories?  Feel free to comment!

Hang in there and Nellie and I will too!


  1. A lady in our ward who is a runner said that her coach use to tell her that if you can run in not so ideal situations that it gives you that much more of an advantage in good circumstances. And yes you never know what you're gunna get in May. :] Great job on getting your run in under the time that you need for the marathon. Awesome. I have a lot of Nellie stories, but I wouldn't want to put any others to shame. ;] Keep up the great work dad. I love you.

  2. Oh man! Same little redhead "Nellied" all over the floor, directly in front of the toilet last week. She got far enough to actually hit the front of the toilet, but none of it made it in. Stinky.

    I have been trying to type a Nelly story for over five minutes, but I can't explain it without hand motions. I'll share it next time I see you!

    Congrats on the 17 miles! That's incredible....and to think I was just patting myself on the back for doing Insanity twice today! :) Way to keep me on my toes, Bruce!

  3. Great accomplishment, 17 miles, and in bad weather and road conditions. It will pay off. Last year I did my first bike event: a 27 miler. I trained one day in the rain and boy am I glad I did. It took me three hours to do that ride. the first hour was clear, but the last two steady and at times pouring, pouring rain. I made it and was proud. But, I learned another tip: be sure your phone is prepared for bad weather too. I had my iPhone in my slicker pocket. The pocket filled with water unbeknownst to me and well, the phone was dead as a door nail.

    Pink Nellie: Yep: when I was teaching many years ago, we were in the middle of a guest speaker talking about the ins and outs of economics to 6 year olds. One girl leaned over and before she could say anything, out it all came on my lap. Was not pretty!