Monday, May 28, 2012

Left Overs and the Return of Bob

I took a planned week off of running this week.  It has been nice and necessary.  I was pushing my limits in many ways.  I did miss running sometimes though and am ready to ease back in.  I had a few random items left over from the marathon.

I thought this quote from Runner's World reflected a lot of how I am feeling about the experience.
The biggest reward of marathon training is confidence. A 20- or 22-mile training run cannot be purchased, and it can't be rescinded. You are the owner of that strength, and it is a powerful force when life tries to knock you down. You have evidence of your tenacity, your ability, and your passion. - Laura Saladino, Runner's World Challenger of the Week 

I am still trying to process all of my thoughts and emotions following last weeks marathon.  It affected me in so many different ways that iris hard to describe.  I am still getting so much positive feedback on having finished.  Thanks to all of you.

I thanked one person for doing me a favor when he knew I was tired the day after the marathon.  He said something to the effect of, "No problem!  I'm glad you're still alive!"

Bill posted this helpful advice the day before I ran.  It helped me going into the marathon and getting through it.
Good luck this weekend at the Ogden Marathon!  Stick to your plan & enjoy every mile of it!
I read a couple of Jeff Galloway's books in preparation for the marathon.  He said that there are mind tricks that you can play on your self that sound a little weird, but seem to work.   I employed this technique during the marathon when things got rough.  I started chanting, "You can do this!",  in cadence with my pace and it allowed me to keep going a little longer and faster.  It helped me get across the dam!  I know what my family thinks about that!  Your chanting Ray!, it's a little long so start at about 1:15 and see why we laugh about chanting.

Finishing last perspective.  Here are the stats from the race:

Overall: 2402 out of 2402
Men: 1215 out of 1215
M 55-59: 69 out of 69
Age/Grade: 35.01% Place: 2389
Finish: 6:57:04 Pace: 15:55
Tag Time: 6:57:04
Gun Time: 7:02:45

Looks pretty dismal until you consider that 3129 people registered.  2402 people finished.  That means 729 people for what ever reason didn't finish the race!  That's 23%!  I'll take the finish!

Bob Harper Returns

Many of you remember that I am a fan of Biggest Loser.  I have purchased and endured many a Biggest Loser / Bob Harper Workout.  I like Bob's attitude, work ethic and training style.  The only advice I haven't heard a lot about is Bob's nutrition philosophy.  He has recently released a book called The Skinny Rules: The Simple, Nonnegotiable Principles for Getting to Thin
I've read the first couple of chapters and started following a few of the rules.  So far so good.  I will let you know how things go on this.

Goals for the week.  Read more of the book and follow each rule as I finish.  Run twice this week and see how it goes.  Thinking about throwing in a short hike as well.  You in Gordon?

Hang in there and I will too!


  1. Bruce, you are so good about replying to posts, and I'm way late on this. I really like the saying about having something that stays with you when you accomplish a significant physical feat. It's not a 20 mile run for me, but I know the feeling a little with the stairs.

    Very glad you're taking a week to recover. Take care of yourself! And you're right, last among finishers is by no means last!