Monday, March 19, 2012

Time Flies By

2 Month Warning

This warning is actually just for myself. I am two months away from the Ogden Marathon which is set for May 19th this year. I have put in a lot of miles training for this and it will be here faster than I think.

This week has been fairly mellow as far as training goes. A couple of 45 minute runs and then a 6 Miracle Mile run. No, it's not a new religious fad. It is Jeff Galloway's method of determining if you are on course for any common distance run of your chosing. After going through a warmup - which for me consist of running about a mile over to the high school track and then doing some sprint warm ups - you then run a mile at a sustainable pace. In Jeff Galloway's own terms that means no puking! I can run that mile in about 10 minutes. He gives you a formula which tells you how what you project pace is for a marathon and also what pace you should train at. For me, I should be able to run a 13 minute pace and should train at a 15 mile pace. My last super long run, I tried to stick to the training pace and it helped. There are other opportunities during training to run and marathon pace.

These aren't very fast paces for experienced runner, but for me to even finish a marathon will be a great accomplishment. The interesting thing about the Galloway method is had has you run one of your training runs for 26 miles (which is what I will do this Saturday) and 29 miles (four weeks after the 26 miler), you back off in between the super long runs to give your body a chance to recover. These runs are always scary for me, but I so far I have been able to get them done. Each of these recent super long runs have all been a personal best distance for me.

Another Scout weekend

I did my Saturday Miracle Mile training run on Friday so I could go camping with the Scouts this weekend. We rented out a couple of Yerts at a Girl's Camp. A Scout's dream to go to girl's camp perhaps. Maybe, but they use the facilities for girl's camp in the summer and rent out the yerts and cabins during fall - spring to whomever wants to come up. It is well taken care of by volunteers year around and it ended up being a good experience for us all.
Getting some grub ready
Plenty of chances for sledding

What kind of things do you do in your "spare time?" Does work, family and getting fit take up all of your time or are you able to eek out some time for other activities as well?
Hang in there and I will too!


  1. Wow Bruce, a 26 followed by a 29 (even at 4 weeks apart, I am impressed!).

    Spare time? I'm down to blogging once a week and missed that one! My boys are on different Little League teams - 36 total games! That and work is what I'm doing.

  2. I am walking 5 miles most days & trying to get strength training in as well. I am motivated to get out so that Ethan will nap in the morning. The stroller seems to be the only place a good long nap can happen. I just joined a Mommy & me running play group. I'm hoping that a bit of fun will also be had when we get together.

  3. Glad to see you are making good progress in your training. It sounds like following Jeff's plan is really helping you to push yourself. Good luck on the next 26 miles!

    My days are pretty full, too. I try to do my exercise first thing so I can not make any excuses. Now that the weather is warm somedays I get in an extra ride after work. Reading and playing a little scrabble on my ipad are my "leisure" activities right now. But most reading is work related, but still enjoyable!

  4. Wow dad I can't believe that it is only 2 months away! You sound like you are doing great on training for it. I try and get out with the kids at the park. I don't feel like doing much when I go these days, but it is a great way for me to be outside and get them active. After the baby though, I will be right there with them playing and being active. Love you and keep up the great work.