Monday, November 7, 2011

What's Next?

There is something magical about running; after a certain distance, it transcends the body. Then a bit further, it transcends the mind. A bit further yet, and what you have before you, laid bare, is the soul.
Kristin Armstrong, Mile Markers blog at Runner's
Mile Markers with Kristin Armstrong
Kristin Armstrong
It is hard for me to express sometimes why I run.  I think the quote I included today helps in a small way to explain to me what it is.  There are few things in life that can help me get a better look at my character, my determination and persistence than running.  It gives me a chance to face my limits and see what I have in me.

So... What's Next?
    I've had a fun and challenging last few months.  I ran a couple of 5K's, ran a 10K, ran two half marathons.  I even made it to the highest peak in Utah!  So what am I going to do now?  I find it helps if I have some short and long term goals.  Here's what's up for me.
    I took it easy this last week.  I have found when you run races, it puts extra stress on your body and you are pretty much forced to take it easy.  I didn't do anything on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, I walked a couple of miles on the treadmill and stretched.  That really helped.  Friday was my first day trying to run.  Even six days after the half, my legs still felt sluggish as I ran almost three miles.  This would have been an easy run the week before.  Saturday, I ran 5.5 miles as a tip of the hat to my age on my birthday.  I posted on Facebook that "Bill Hiatt ran 40 miles on his 40th.  Not to be outdone, I ran 5.5."  That was a hard 5.5 miles, when I was done, I hurt more than I did after I ran the half.  I think part of the problem was I ran too fast and a little too far.  This morning's run of 3.5 went much better.  I slowed down a bit and I felt much better, especially after stretching.
      Last Tuesday, I made the commitment to run a marathon by signing up for the Ogden marathon.  Others who have run this have said that this is a great marathon for someone doing their first and they really enjoy the course.  I must be crazy!  I'll be writing more about this as the weeks go on.  I start official training on January (brrrrrr) but I need to keep my base training up and get my core strong again.
      26.2 Ogden Marathon
      Ogden Marathon

        I also signed up for a Earn Your Turkey run on Thanksgiving morning.  It is a 4 miler.  It will be a good short term goal to get me back into training.
        Orem Thanksgiving Race 2006
        Earn Your Turkey

          I signed up for my work challenge -  Challenge: Maintain, don’t gain this holiday season! I have had mixed results in the past with the annual challenge.  I plan on being successful this year.  Last blog, I challenged you to do the same.
            Big Clyde (I always enjoy his blog!) left me a question in the comments last week that got me thinking.  He said:  

            "All-in-all, we're you happy with the race? I think you should be proud."  

            Thanks for that question because it really got me thinking.  I was disappointed with that this was my slowest half marathon.  But putting things in perspective, IT WAS A HALF MARATHON!  And thinking more about it, IT WAS MY THIRD HALF MARATHON!  Many years ago, I started training for a marathon.  When I got up to about 11 miles, I couldn't do it any more.  I was in my early thirties and I had to quit.  Here I am over 20 years later and I have done 10 miles and more dozens of times now as I have trained.  Two and a half years ago, I was 325 lbs and couldn't even walk a quarter of a mile without a lot of effort.  Now I am thinking I can do a marathon!  Thanks Clyde for putting this back into perspective for me!  I learned a lot  from this last half marathon.  One thing being, that you get out of it what you put into it.  The change to an easier paced half marathon schedule left me with an slower pace on race day.  
              Thanks to the support you give in the comments.  It really helps and encourages me to keep writing and to keep after my goals.  If I didn't post about them, I wouldn't be near as accountable as I am now.

              Hang in there and I will too!


              1. Bruce,
                Happy Birthday!!!!! Just reading that you acme from 325 and now have completed three half marathons is inspiring. I love how you wrote running is away to test your limits. I think when we are obese everything we do is facing our limits. But what you have so thoughtfully brought out here is the reality that we are limitless. Getting healthy and losing that weight gives us limitless possibilities!
                I enjoy coming over and reading your posts. I think you know I aspire to run something, maybe just a 5km some day. For now it is an inspiration, but sometime I will be facing my limit-less-ness with running. Have a great week, Bruce and Happy BD again, Michele

              2. I keep telling myself I am not a runner, but when I read your posts you give me motivation to do some running in the very near future!! Where do you go from there - you have it down - goals are thought out, researched and you are going to acheive them. I enjoy reading and that you remind us how far you have come from!!! Wishing you continued success and happy training for that brrrrr month!!

                Staying MOtivated Mo

              3. Love this post, Bruce! If you don't mind - I'm going to link to it from my blog.

                Hope you had a great Birthday week!

              4. Great post, Bruce. I feel stuck on the sidelines until I read your blog and am reminded of how far you've come. Maybe there's hope for all of us. :)

              5. That's quite a commitment, Bruce! Way to go. Good luck with the marathon training. I've never been to Ogden, but that photo makes it look very appealing.