Monday, June 21, 2010

Celebrate successes

Weekly Stats
Current: 198.4
Weekly Loss: 0.2
To Go: 23.4
Total 126.6

I'm a little disappointed in the loss this week. Last Wednesday, when I weighed in, I was at 195 so I thought this week would be a decent. Wednesday for some reason is my lowest weigh-in day so it isn't unusual to go back up just a bit. Just not this much! Having expressed my minor disappointment, brings me to me topic of the week: Celebrate successes!

I have a few things to celebrate this week. I took the scouts in our troop out on an overnighter. We had fun, worked on advancements and had a great campfire! The scouts surprised me when I only had to ask them once at 6am to get up to go on a hike. They got the camp broke down, we had breakfast and then headed to Stewart Falls. None of them had been there before. I really enjoyed the hike. I couldn't believe how much easier it was for me and it was fun to see the boys see the falls for the first time. It was indeed a celebration for me! I was able to come home after dropping the scouts off and spent the rest of the day working in the yard. That would have been impossible a year ago. Hiking to Stewart Falls would have taken it all out of me, but I had plenty left in the tank after this hike! Another success to celebrate. This morning was another celebration as I ran my fasted Monday run of the year and felt great most of the way. I have been training to get a bit faster and it paid off! Yet another celebration! Yesterday, one of my daughters in her Father's Day card said how proud she was of me that I had lost all of that weight. She is one that I want to inspire. She is working on eating better all the time! A huge success to celebrate! I rewarded myself last week by signing up for the Freedom Festival 10K. In the past this would have been a punishment, but I am really looking forward to running in my first race in many years and my longest race ever! Hope to see some of you either running one of the races or along the parade route.

Shout outs to all those who ran Ragnar/Wasatch Back this weekend. What an impressive run. Bill and Andy's team three-peated their division this year and came in 7th overall. Matt N., Todd and Ellie A, Leslie and Roger K also ran. Great job to you all! Maybe one day for me too! Thanks for all the support you all give me! Keep up the great work everyone. Hang in there and I will too!

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